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Insulation – A Breath of Fresher Air

Ensuring the best possible Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become one of the foremost considerations of manufacturers in the insulation market. Their latest products now address issues of volatile organic compounds, thermal comfort and fire retardancy, among others. Jerome Sanchez...

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Pumping Energy

Pumps are the prime movers of the HVACR sector, which in turn has a symbiotic relationship with real estate growth. With the construction activity in the region showing signs of life, the pumps market has begun to breathe normally again....

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Energy Champions

We reviewed a number of initiatives, which companies across the region are taking to optimise comfort while improving buildings’ energy efficiency in the transition towards smarter energy management.

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Making it real

We review the green building regulations implemented by Dubai Municipality which include specific guidelines and recommendations for the commissioning, installation, operation and maintenance of HVAC equipment

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