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The context of COP28

In this year of COP28, scheduled to take place in the last quarter, in the UAE, it is but only natural that we focus abundantly on the recent iterative history, personalities and the sub-events planned in the lead-up to the...

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Politics and the trickle-down effect

The KPIs we establish for every edition or cycle of the Climate Control Awards reflect the editorial aspirations of Climate Control Middle East magazine. Whilst the broad parameters are socio-economic and sustainable development, the granular perspective probes the specific measures...

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The Gravity Of A Word

It has become common at conferences to hear someone on stage use the word, ‘awareness’. It is a word that is bandied about just like sustainability, innovation or transformation. The question is: ‘Are we truly aware?’ In the past six...

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Brain-addling stuff

Time and again, the GCC region countries have done a wonderful job at perpetuating the core messages of their socio-economic and sustainable development targets. For instance, it is common for senior government representatives to elaborate on the salient features of...

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