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Sectoral perspectives on IEQ

Representatives from the healthcare, hospitality and education sectors explored in detail the link between indoor environmental quality and the health of building occupants at the 4th edition of the World IEQ Forum.

Added: Feb 6, 2017 | By Fatima de la Cerna

Striking a balance

While energy efficiency is gaining significant attention, and retrofitting is being incentivised, indoor air quality needs to be equally considered and carefully balanced in new buildings and retrofitting efforts, says Aisha Al Abdooli, Director, Air Quality Department at the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, in this interview with B Surendar of Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts…

Added: Oct 20, 2016 | By B Surendar


Spotting the mould

Although there are tens of thousands of moulds, it takes a certain kind of mould and a certain kind of person to make one sick, says the article

Added: Jul 28, 2016 | By CCME Content Team

Breaking the mould

Building owners, operators, designers, contractors and building occupants have a lax attitude towards the issue, says Charles Blaschke, Founder and General Manager of takasolutions.

Added: Jul 24, 2016 | By Nayantara N

Throwing light on a mushrooming problem

An Oklahoma-based mushroom farm was spending tens of thousands of dollars on maintenance when air conditioning coils became caked with mould every three months. Additionally, chemical cleaning was prematurely corroding the coils. The farm solved the problem with UV light systems that are now keeping coils clean and significantly reducing maintenance costs. We bring you the case study.

Added: Oct 13, 2015 | By CCME Content Team