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COVID-19 and Air Movement

Atam Hayat, Business Development Manager - MEA Region, Leminar Air Conditioning, discusses with Climate Control Middle East on how COVID-19 has triggered an appreciation for better quality air distribution products despite greater concerns related to cost, and on how better regulations are addressing problematic practices in the market related to installation and maintenance of ducts…

Added: Apr 13, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Retrofitting in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Ashok Jha, Head, FM & Retrofit Projects, Universal Voltas LLC, provides an overview of trends driving demand for retrofits in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Added: Jan 18, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Building for the “new normal”

The drying up of new projects from COVID-triggered economic uncertainty has spurred greater awareness and interest towards retrofit projects. Will the new wave of retrofits place greater emphasis on IAQ, or like before, will efforts solely be towards energy efficiency, with an eye on reducing operational costs? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy