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Standing their ground

Whilst it is common knowledge that pricing has come to be the single biggest factor in purchasing HVACR equipment and components in the last five years, the extent of the problem faced by well-meaning manufacturers and suppliers makes for stark reading. The topic is worth discussing, because meeting socio-economic and sustainable development targets, including emission […]

Added: Jun 19, 2022 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


Rich diversity of industry experts to speak at MEP-specific conference

The 5 th edition of The Client, Consultant, Contractor Conference and its co-located event, The Great Debate continue to attract stakeholders with expertise in offering clarity on contractual disputes, payment delays, project development, integration of IT, operational data, and health and safety, among other topics

Added: May 31, 2022 | By CCME Content Team


MEP stakeholder health at core of discussions

The 5th edition of The Client, Consultant, Contractor Conference will elaborate on business growth opportunities and examine signs linked to financial stability.

Added: Apr 5, 2022 | By CCME Content Team


Intent and sequence

Rheem opens manufacturing facility in Dubai as a manifestation of next stage of regional engagement

Added: Dec 23, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


Blurring of lines

HVAC contractors and rental suppliers used to be clear-cut domains, but not anymore, says Brian Marshall, Business Manager Climate Control, Byrne Equipment Rental, adding that the new situation has reduced the number of entities involved in the supply chain of temporary equipment. Excerpts from the interview he gave to Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East…

Added: Jun 12, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


Virtually possible?

How indulgent is the construction marketplace towards digital HVACR stores? Are design engineers and consultants willing to select products on the basis of viewing them on screen?

Added: May 16, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


Carel signs agreement to acquire 51% of CFM Soğutma

Company says the transaction is aligned with two of its key strategic directions: geographical expansion outside western Europe and the development of the services business – on-field and digital

Added: May 10, 2021 | By CCME Content Team

Navigating 2021

The year ahead presents opportunities in the form of smaller projects, which were often neglected among the large-scale Middle East-size projects that the region is famous for, says Avin Gidwani, by way of offering hope in a scenario where the dearth of new project contract awards in 2020 will result in a significant shortfall of available work for HVAC businesses in 2021

Added: Apr 7, 2021 | By CCME Content Team

An iPod among vinyl albums

Saying that District Cooling simplifies the building dramatically, Rob Thornton, President and CEO, International District Energy Association (IDEA), in this interview with Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East, urges a nuanced understanding of what the cooling approach can offer. Excerpts from the interview, about a month prior to the 8th IDEA International District Cooling Conference and Tradeshow from December 9 to 11, in Dubai.

Added: Dec 4, 2018 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

‘A regulatory framework combining compulsion and incentives’

Abdulhadi Ali Alalyak, Board Member, Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), speaks with Climate Control Middle East on the important role FM companies can play in improving energy consumption, reducing long-term cost and the need for greater collaboration among relevant stakeholders…

Added: Nov 25, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


MEP consultancy versus general consultancy

Dr Marcus George, the CEO of UAE-based Engineering Consortium Consulting Engineers (ECCE), shares his opinion on having in-house MEP consultants

Added: Apr 25, 2017 | By CCME Content Team

Channelising collective energies

Johnson Controls recently held its first executive channel conference. On the sidelines of the event, two channel partners, Ahmed Al Neama, Chairman & CEO of British Link Kuwait Co and Abid Vazir, CEO of Ghulam Faruque Group, Pakistan, talk to B Surendar, Editor, Climate Control Middle East, about the dividends of partnering with Johnson Controls.

Added: Apr 16, 2017 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

‘Oil can go up at the same speed it came down’

Ashraf Abdalla, Vice President and General Manager (Middle East and Africa) of Johnson Controls, expresses optimism on business trends for 2017 for the GCC region, in this interview with B Surendar of Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts…

Added: Jan 31, 2017 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


‘MEP contracting is indispensable’

Chandrasekhar Reddy of Elemec Electromechanical Contracting says that recognising the importance of MEP contracting is vital to achieving UAE's goals.

Added: Jan 30, 2017 | By CCME Content Team

A wishlist for 2017

One of the privileges of being a journalist is the access to a wide range of insights and recommendations on multiple issues the HVACR industry directly or indirectly influences or contributes to. Given the constraints of space, here’s a non-comprehensive wish-list, based on the received wisdom from enlightened voices in the industry… • That we […]

Added: Jan 14, 2017 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


State of the industry: Building performance

The leadership in the GCC region has been introducing a raft of vision statements and measures to encourage, urge and support the multiple stakeholders to raise the bar on building performance. Such path-breaking initiatives and thought-processes as region-specific Green Building regulations, building-retrofit programmes, nearly zero-energy buildings, smart cities and IoT point to the right direction in terms of intent. Broadly, we are witness to market transformation and positive disruptive approaches, which have the potential to cut project timelines, and improve energy efficiency, indoor environment, reliability and resource conservation. But are building owners, architects, consultants, sub-consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and FM firms prepared to align themselves with these changes, broadly speaking? Are they showing a willingness to rise to the occasion? Or, are there factors – some self-induced and some beyond their control – that are proving to be challenges in the pathway to optimising their performance towards delivering better buildings? In September, Climate Control Middle East published the first part of the report, where the focus was on the MEP consultancy industry. In this, the concluding part, the spotlight is on the MEP contracting industry… 

Added: Oct 30, 2016 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

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