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‘And we have here…’

The HVACR section of The Big 5 Show of 2017 provided an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase new products and innovations, in addition to strengthening their relationship with existing clients and seeking out new ones. Climate Control Middle East, in its traditional coverage of the show, presents profiles of some of the exhibiting companies, with more to follow in the January 2018 issue.

Added: Dec 16, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

‘It was a great experience representing the UAE in the HVACR field’

Roudha Bin Bahr, an Emirati undergraduate student specialising in Chemical Engineering at STS, Al Ain, speaks with Hannah Jo Uy of Climate Control Middle East on her participation as the first and only Arab woman in the World Skills Competition 2017, the importance of skills training and capacity building and her thoughts on the future the HVACR industry holds for Emirati youth. Excerpts…

Added: Dec 14, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


ASHRAE standards in Arabic

Translation of ASHRAE Standard 62.1 nearing completion, says UAE Falcon Chapter

Added: Oct 12, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

The big R

What feelings do regulations evoke amongst manufacturers? And what is the regulator point of view? Benwen Lopez has the story...

Added: Oct 4, 2017 | By Benwen Lopez

VRF technology comes of age

The 5th edition of the Annual Middle East Variable Refrigerant Flow Conference held on March 27 in Dubai, UAE, showcased the strides the system has made and the foothold it has now gained throughout the region, with stakeholders looking to capitalise on the momentum to unleash the system’s potential in various applications in a wide array of projects. We bring you a detailed report…

Added: May 18, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

An end to the freeze-thaw see-saw

B Surendar, the Editor of Climate Control Middle East, presents his views on applying blockchain in the HVACR realm.

Added: Apr 19, 2017 | By B Surendar


Are you ready for VAT?

As part of a region-wide drive to diversify income sources for public services, all six GCC states are poised to introduce VAT on goods and services as early as January 2018. Considering that the region has long held the tax-free tag, what impact would the new tax regime have on the private sector? What measures must HVACR companies undertake to prepare for compliance? And, perhaps more importantly, how soon should they start preparing?

Added: Dec 28, 2016 | By Fatima de la Cerna


In search of the elusive refrigerant

Various industry experts share their views on the current state of the refrigerants sector and their approach towards identifying and using the right low-GWP refrigerants for high-ambient countries.

Added: Nov 16, 2015 | By Rajiv Pillai


Iran in the HVACR race

The landmark nuclear deal sealed between world powers and Iran has been hailed a triumph by many industry players in Iran and elsewhere, especially in the context of doing business in the country. HVACR industry leaders share their views on the current state of the industry and how lifting sanctions on Iran will widen opportunities for the sector. 

Added: Oct 14, 2015 | By Rajiv Pillai


Snapshots: Big 5 KSA

Photos from the 2011 edition of Big 5 at KSA

Added: Mar 20, 2011 | By CCME Content Team


Green Focus

For the chiller industry, downturn or not, the drive to produce more efficient and environmentally friendly chillers continues, especially from a green context, writes Jose Franco.

Added: Feb 15, 2010 | By CCME Content Team


Made in Germany

After the annus horribilis that was 2009, the German HVACR industry is showing signs of getting on the growth path. Jose Franco reports.

Added: | By CCME Content Team