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Virtually possible?

How indulgent is the construction marketplace towards digital HVACR stores? Are design engineers and consultants willing to select products on the basis of viewing them on screen?

Added: May 16, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


An ear to the ground

What sort of challenges and opportunities does the global HVACR industry see in the Middle East market? Hannah Jo Uy provides a snapshot of the industry sentiment based on interviews Climate Control Middle East carried out during the HVAC R Expo, part of The Big 5 Dubai, held from November 26 to 29, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre…

Added: Jan 8, 2019 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Carel exhibits at Chillventa 2018

Manufacturer of control solutions presents latest developments, company’s representative says

Added: Oct 17, 2018 | By CCME Content Team


Gea to participate in Chillventa 2018

Supplier of process technology will present its Omni retrofit control panels for screw and piston compressors, company's representative says

Added: Sep 27, 2018 | By CCME Content Team


ASHRAE launches online standards review database

The improved database allows members and non-members access to public review drafts, for standards, guidelines and addenda, as well as to submit comments, ASHRAE official says

Added: Sep 12, 2018 | By CCME Content Team

Pondering over porosity, permeability

Air filters are at the heart of efforts for achieving good Indoor Air Quality. What are the factors that ensure effective filtration solutions for sustained performance?

Added: | By Ranjana Konatt

‘BEQ is very sophisticated and detailed’

Dr Ahmed Ala'a Eldin Mohamed, Director and Regional Chair, Region At Large (RAL), Board of Directors, ASHRAE, in this broad-based interview with Surendar Balakrishnan, discusses his role and roadmap for RAL and ASHRAE’s new Building Energy Quotient (BEQ) programme. Excerpts…

Added: Sep 11, 2018 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

The cost of cutting corners

Part 1 looked at questionable trading practices in the market, from misrepresentation of certifications and approvals to the sale and distribution of counterfeit products. In this, the second part, Hannah Jo Uy looks at how the current business environment contributes to a price-centric mindset, which further aggravates the situation; the public sector’s role in ensuring stronger vigilance across the supply chain, and the consequences inauthentic products pose from a socio-economic standpoint…

Added: Sep 10, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy

Building it right, making things better

With no shortage of options in the valves market, what is being done to cultivate greater transparency and ensure the correct product is chosen, and maintained properly, to avoid underperforming buildings? Is emerging technology enough to override human shortcomings? Hannah Jo Uy reports…

Added: Jul 29, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy

World Refrigeration Day announced as June 26

Purpose of the day is “To raise awareness of how refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat-pumps (RACHP) technology improves modern life and promote the significant contribution to the well-being of human society of today’s RACHP industry”, organising body says

Added: Jul 5, 2018 | By CCME Content Team


Make as you go

Is Additive Manufacturing (AM) the next big disruptive innovation in the construction industry, or is it simply a fad that is perhaps likely to be dismissed as futuristic? Is the HVACR market ready to accommodate 3D printing in mainstream manufacturing or will historic investment in traditional facilities serve as a bottleneck? Lastly, will a market’s reluctance to acknowledge its evolution stunt its growth, or could it risk evolving regardless, unregulated and untamed? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Added: Jun 10, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy


ARBS to be held from May 8 to 10, 2018

Australia's trade exhibition for the HVAC&R and Building Services industries expects over 350 exhibitors, organisers say

Added: Mar 11, 2018 | By CCME Content Team

Wheels in motion

With ambitious new projects seemingly underway and previously set targets to be accountable for, Saudi Arabia appears to be on the move. How is the HVACR industry coping with the Kingdom’s proactive approach to diversifying its economy? Hannah Jo Uy has the story...

Added: Jan 17, 2018 | By CCME Content Team

And the twain have met

It is widely believed that Turkey’s strategic location, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and its skilled workforce constitute a winning formula for its HVACR industry

Added: Oct 15, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy


On the road to 2030

With nearly a year having gone by since Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 was unveiled, Climate Control Middle East takes a look at what the Kingdom has been doing to ensure that its policies and programmes are aligned with the transformational reforms outlined in the framework, and how the HVACR industry is faring in the resultant economic climate.

Added: Mar 27, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


‘MEP contracting is indispensable’

Chandrasekhar Reddy of Elemec Electromechanical Contracting says that recognising the importance of MEP contracting is vital to achieving UAE's goals.

Added: Jan 30, 2017 | By Nayantara N

‘To maintain public confidence, third-party testing is absolutely necessary’

Hamid Syed, Vice President and General Manager of UL Middle East, speaks with Fatima de la Cerna of Climate Control Middle East about the new testing facility that the company opened in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as well as the different measures the company is undertaking to not only increase its presence in the Gulf market but also further its relationship with policymakers in the region.

Added: Jan 25, 2017 | By Fatima de la Cerna

A wishlist for 2017

One of the privileges of being a journalist is the access to a wide range of insights and recommendations on multiple issues the HVACR industry directly or indirectly influences or contributes to. Given the constraints of space, here’s a non-comprehensive wish-list, based on the received wisdom from enlightened voices in the industry… • That we […]

Added: Jan 14, 2017 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


State of the industry: Building performance

The leadership in the GCC region has been introducing a raft of vision statements and measures to encourage, urge and support the multiple stakeholders to raise the bar on building performance. Such path-breaking initiatives and thought-processes as region-specific Green Building regulations, building-retrofit programmes, nearly zero-energy buildings, smart cities and IoT point to the right direction in terms of intent. Broadly, we are witness to market transformation and positive disruptive approaches, which have the potential to cut project timelines, and improve energy efficiency, indoor environment, reliability and resource conservation. But are building owners, architects, consultants, sub-consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and FM firms prepared to align themselves with these changes, broadly speaking? Are they showing a willingness to rise to the occasion? Or, are there factors – some self-induced and some beyond their control – that are proving to be challenges in the pathway to optimising their performance towards delivering better buildings? In September, Climate Control Middle East published the first part of the report, where the focus was on the MEP consultancy industry. In this, the concluding part, the spotlight is on the MEP contracting industry… 

Added: Oct 30, 2016 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

A revalving door

Energy efficiency and comfort can be achieved by using the right kind of components, which are fine-tuned to provide optimum results. The humble valve is one of them – often unseen and underrated but vital. And given the rapidly changing scenario in the region, it needs to constantly reinvent itself.

Added: Jul 25, 2016 | By Pratibha Umashankar

The Kingdom enters a new era

With its recently launched Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is planning to introduce social, political and economic reforms, aimed at reducing its dependence on oil, diversifying its economy and establishing the country as a global investment powerhouse. In light of one of the Middle East's biggest markets announcing such sweeping and ambitious reforms, what could the future hold for the region's construction and HVACR industries?

Added: Jul 19, 2016 | By Fatima de la Cerna

Clearing the mist over outdoor cooling

While rough economic conditions may have slowed down some sectors in the region, the outdoor cooling industry looks to new markets, like affordable housing, and innovations in evaporative cooling and misting technologies to keep demand strong and achieve growth.

Added: Jul 11, 2016 | By Fatima de la Cerna

Down Under eyes top spot

Australia has been making news in the HVACR industry for all the right reasons, from new efficiency-rating tools to a stringent regulatory framework, especially to improve the retrofit sector – a model worth replicating in the Middle East region. Australia’s success lies in its desire to create an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient society.

Added: Jun 27, 2016 | By Mohammed Abdul Hai

Decoding COP 21

Widely lauded as a historic accord on climate change, the Paris Agreement aims to mitigate global warming, by bringing about a reduction in GHG emissions, among other goals. But what would the adoption of the agreement mean for the industry and the region? How would it shape government regulations and business decisions? We bring you responses and reactions from regional and international industry leaders and members of organisations.

Added: Apr 17, 2016 | By CCME Content Team

The sun rises in the Kingdom

The current trend of energy demands in Saudi Arabia is alarming. The continuous rise in the requirement for electrical power in the Kingdom is already taking its toll on its non-renewable resources, which has a direct negative repercussion on the country’s future economic viability. At a time when it needs it most, the sun rises to the occasion and offers the Kingdom a sustainable solution to its present power crisis. Report by Jerome Sanchez

Added: Mar 10, 2013 | By CCME Content Team