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Green growth needs incentives, better enforcement of building codes

On the sidelines of AMWAJ 2016*, Ruba Al-Zu'bi, the CEO of EDAMA Association, an NGO based in Jordan, spoke with Fatima de la Cerna of Climate Control Middle East about her experience as a founding member of the Jordan Green Building Council and shared details about the country’s efforts in promoting green growth and sustainable development. Excerpts from the interview…

Added: Mar 1, 2017 | By Fatima de la Cerna


Are you ready for VAT?

As part of a region-wide drive to diversify income sources for public services, all six GCC states are poised to introduce VAT on goods and services as early as January 2018. Considering that the region has long held the tax-free tag, what impact would the new tax regime have on the private sector? What measures must HVACR companies undertake to prepare for compliance? And, perhaps more importantly, how soon should they start preparing?

Added: Dec 28, 2016 | By Fatima de la Cerna

Controlling the controllables

Though BMS has been available in the market for many years, end-users continue to face obstacles that prevent them from fully reaping its benefits. One such obstacle, various stakeholders believe, is the industry-wide shortage of knowledgeable and skilled BMS operators. RMS has been proposed as a solution to overcome the problem, but is the region ready to deploy the technology?

Added: Aug 17, 2016 | By Fatima de la Cerna


How Green are we?

While industry stakeholders admit there’s been considerable transformation in the region, the path to sustainability, they say, though paved with the right intentions, is not without obstacles.

Added: May 10, 2015 | By Fatima de la Cerna

Airing his Views

A champion of clean air and an expert on air filtration, Dr Iyad Al-Attar, Regional Director (Middle East) and International Consultant, EMW Filtertechnik, Germany, is familiar to readers of Climate Control Middle East through his series of analytical articles on the subject. He provides personal glimpses during his conversation with B Surendar.

Added: Jan 5, 2012 | By B Surendar

Kuwait warms to district cooling

The Kuwait District Cooling Summit, held in end-January, attracted presentations from experts and industry insiders. The collective experience and erudition raised as many questions as they answered. We bring you a summary ...

Added: Mar 20, 2011 | By Pratibha Umashankar