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Securing the cold chain from within

The 9th edition of Food Chain, also known as the Middle East Cold Chain Food Safety Conference, proved to be a platform for riveting discussions. Against the backdrop of the conference, Mozzamil Zakki Aissa, Supply Chain Manager, Al Rawabi Dairy, spoke to Ranjana Konatt of Climate Control Middle East, providing insights into Al Rawabi’s approach to securing the cold chain internally and the importance of investing in technology and infrastructure. Excerpts…

Added: Feb 10, 2019 | By Ranjana Konatt

‘The more we know, the more we can act on’

Sheikh Dr Majid Sultan Al Qassimi, Director, Animal Development & Health Department, UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, discusses how disruptive technology and the Internet of Things can enhance overall reliability of the cold chain, and the need to invest in training to manage data in such a manner that it paves the way for actionable insights against inefficiencies. Excerpts from the interview with Hannah Jo Uy on the sidelines of the 9th edition of Food Chain (the Middle East Cold Chain Food Safety Conference)…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy

Mind the gap!

Is a lackadaisical approach to designing and operating cold stores and transport refrigeration equipment a threat to food safety? What initiatives have been implemented to address the gaps in the cold chain and what more remains to be done? Hannah Jo Uy draws key insights from discussions during the 9th edition of Food Chain (the Middle East Food Safety and Cold Chain Conference)…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy


Kingspan showcases new solution for cold stores

ModularisCold to save nearly USD 60,000 of investment, otherwise used in constructing conventional cold store warehouses, says Marketing Manager, Kingspan Insulated Panels

Added: Jan 27, 2019 | By Ranjana Konatt

Making the links strong

Surendar Balakrishnan, Editor, Climate Control Middle East on October 31, chaired a session on cold chain during the 12th International Food Safety Conference held from October 29 to 31, in Dubai. Hannah Jo Uy covered the discussion, which revolved around transport refrigeration and cold storage facilities…

Added: Dec 6, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy

Fishing for rewards

With a huge portion of the seafood in Dubai coming from Oman, what checks are in place in the cold chain to ensure the quality of fish making their way to our table?

Added: Oct 11, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy


‘There is a need to optimise the product roadmap’

Sridar Narayanswami, President, Middle East/Africa, Emerson, in this interview with Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East, speaks on the company’s mint-new psychrometric lab in the Middle East, its stand on refrigerants and on how its IoT-enabled products are permitting more capability on controls and on capturing data that can be converted into insights. Excerpts…

Added: Aug 27, 2018 | By B Surendar


Seafood cold chain… challenges aplenty

Demanding logistics requirements, combined with difficult weather and environmental conditions, make seafood logistics especially challenging, says Cold Chain Management.

Added: Jun 20, 2018 | By CCME Content Team


‘A multi-faceted approach to food safety’

Noor Abdelhalim Fadl Nasir, Food Permits and Control Officer, Dubai Municipality, speaks with Climate Control Middle East on how rules and regulations are changing the culture of food safety, the importance of promoting greater awareness among consumers on their role in the food chain and how technology is becoming a valuable platform for knowledge sharing. Excerpts from the interview with Hannah Jo Uy...

Added: May 17, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy

End-to-end traceability

What Food Watch, Dubai Municipality’s new digital platform, means for the cold chain industry

Added: Apr 12, 2018 | By B Surendar

Wheels of Chain

The 8th edition of Food Chain addressed aspects related to strengthening two mission-critical links in the cold chain: Transport refrigeration and cold storage. In this, the first part of the report, we present to you the transport refrigeration-related discussions...

Added: Jun 15, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Beware the chain snatchers!

Brent Melvin succinctly sums up the roadblocks in efficient food chain logistics, and suggests that the time and money spent on due diligence and sophisticated equipment to ensure food safety prove cost-effective in the long run.

Added: Mar 15, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


A need for closer collaboration

Food industry representative advocates the need for working hand in hand with HVACR industry to ensure food safety. By B Surendar.

Added: | By CCME Content Team

Food safety – an innovative approach

High standard of food safety is critical to everyone. The Person in Charge (PIC) is the latest food safety initiative, Dubai Municipality has taken to safeguard this.

Added: Sep 30, 2011 | By CCME Content Team


Flying fish!

Etihad’s special sturgeon fish cargo shipment goes swimmingly from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi.

Added: Apr 7, 2011 | By CCME Content Team

From Farm to Fork

What we eat traverses great distances. Safeguarding against contamination & disease is the onus of everybody involved.

Added: Mar 20, 2011 | By CCME Content Team

A ‘fruitful’ investigation

Case study to find out the efficiency and effectiveness of Airfree’s patented Thermodynamic Sterilising System (TSS) on fruit, vegetables and perishables.

Added: | By CCME Content Team

Spring rolls and all that

A head of a Dubai-based company talks of refrigeration challenges he encountered at his facility and their impact on business.

Added: | By CCME Content Team


Food Chain Seminar

9th & 10th May 2011, Dubai, UAE

Added: Mar 10, 2011 | By CCME Content Team