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‘Relax, the building is sprinkler-protected’

This mindset, says civil defence representative, is the bane of efforts aimed at fire and life safety; the burden of blame, he adds, is on less-safety-minded developers and contractors

Added: Sep 25, 2018 | By Ranjana Konatt


Fire safety regulations are at the heart of a successful and safe society, yet they are rendered useless if they are not enforced. Are regulations too rigid? Are they progressive enough? What are the ramifications? Stakeholders share their views with Benwen Lopez of Climate Control Middle East.

Added: May 17, 2018 | By Benwen Lopez

‘The Fire Code is the result of analysis of past learnings’

Terry Johnson FIFireE, Senior Fire Service Advisor, Operation Department of Dubai Civil Defence (DCD), speaks on the new Fire Code and also on how he is eager to listen to HVAC manufacturers share their knowledge and experience, in this interview with Benwen Lopez of Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts...

Added: Jun 15, 2017 | By Benwen Lopez