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Stories tagged with: carbon footprint

‘The UAE leadership has a view of the future – and it is not just tomorrow’

Tomas Anker Christensen speaks exclusively with Hannah Jo Uy of Climate Control Middle East on his appointment as Denmark’s first Climate Ambassador, opportunities for greater cooperation between the UAE and Denmark and the intangible benefits of cultivating local expertise and solutions. Excerpts…

Added: Jan 11, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy


The ‘R’ Word

A microgrid would be helpful in islanding the Middle East region from problems, says Tom Nyquist, Executive Director, Facilities Engineering & Campus Energy, Princeton University, in this interview with Ranjana Konatt of Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts from the interview, in which he provides an overview on the upcoming opportunities to contribute to the goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint…

Added: Feb 10, 2019 | By Ranjana Konatt

Hidden Source

Dramatic representation on food wastage touches the core of the conscience

Added: Feb 8, 2017 | By B Surendar

One for all, all for one

The onus is on the private sector to align itself to regional governments in their efforts to mitigate climate change, and to embrace solar energy as a giant leap towards a better and safer tomorrow, writes Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi

Added: Oct 27, 2016 | By CCME Content Team

Solar energy in Dubai: Sun is our limit

H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA, in an article written against the backdrop of announcing Dubai Solar Show, to be held from October 4 to 6, has underscored the potential of solar energy. We bring you the excerpts…

Added: May 29, 2016 | By CCME Content Team

Rejuvenating building exhaust air

Building exhaust air from commercial buildings has typically been thermally conditioned. Building exhaust air is typically dispensed to the outdoor air, requiring energy to condition replacement outdoor ventilation air. The general assumption is that building exhaust air is “contaminated”, says Prasad Natraj of AAF.

Added: May 24, 2016 | By CCME Content Team


Why now is the time for Dubai

In part I of this series, Christopher LaBorde reviewed how the global HVAC industry was poised for real change, and in part II, he addressed the reasons why the UAE was the right location for transformational HVAC leadership. In this third and final installment in the series, he asserts that Dubai has a big role to play in bringing about this change.

Added: Nov 23, 2015 | By CCME Content Team