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‘Build back greener from the pandemic’

Janet Rogan, COP26 Regional Ambassador for MENA Region, calls for supporting the Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative, which aims to double the energy efficiency of four key products – electric motors, room air conditioners, refrigerators and lighting by 2030. Excerpts from the interview she gave to Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East.

Added: Jul 11, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

‘Canada to set energy-efficiency standards at the highest level possible’

Jocelyn Argibay, spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources Canada, shares the government’s strategy to accelerate the adoption of more energy-efficient products, embed more stringent regulations in building codes and move towards net-zero-energy buildings, with Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts from the interview with Hannah Jo Uy…

Added: Jul 29, 2018 | By Hannah Jo Uy