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Deploying a Connected CMMS is a no-brainer

O&M professionals often deal with the unknown due to limited visibility in their current tools, hence the need for the right approach in their software tools to get a larger picture and overcome their day-to-day challenges, says Prabhu Ramachandran.

Added: Jan 11, 2022 | By CCME Content Team


Retrofitting for better IAQ

Bin Dasmal Contracting says it is flying against the face of conventional building-retrofit objectives to focus not only on energy efficiency but also on improving indoor air quality. Surendar Balakrishnan in conversation with Sahul Hameed, General Manager of the company. Excerpts from the interview…

Added: Dec 23, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Sweden hosts Systemair seminar

Event elaborates on the progress of the HVAC industry in the context of sustainable development

Added: Dec 12, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


Shifting focus, keeping the balance

Amidst vaccine roll-outs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus shifts from energy efficiency to the need for better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). What are the concerns and challenges in this respect? Ranjana Konatt, Online Writer, Climate Control Middle East, presents an overview…

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‘Predictive maintenance has significantly increased operational uptime’

Thorsten Muller, Head of Global Product Group, Building & Home Automation Solutions, ABB, elaborates on the company’s pathway to Industry 4.0 in the contexts of energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Excerpts from the interview he gave to Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East

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The Purdue paint

Whilst the world was preparing for COP26, a Purdue professor and his team of researchers announced the formulation of the world’s whitest acrylic paint. Dr Xiulin Ruan, a professor of mechanical engineering at the university, said the paint, which contains an extremely high concentration of barium sulphate, has the ability to reflect 98.1% of solar […]

Added: Nov 14, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

Snow Cape

Going to the Finnish Line

This is the first in a series on the World Expo, in Dubai, in the context of the HVACR industry

Added: Oct 7, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Hello, silo!

If anything, the pandemic is revealing the frustration of engineers out to implement air quality measures in buildings, only to discover that the buildings in question were not designed to support the intervention. For years, buildings have faced IAQ-neglect from the pre-design stage up to handover and the subsequent operation and maintenance period. Broadly speaking, […]

Added: | By Surendar Balakrishnan


The Big 5 returns to Dubai as a live event

Global construction players to reconnect in person to support the MENA region’s USD 5.06 trillion future project market, the organisers say

Added: Jul 25, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Staggering amounts of raw data

Peter Thomsen, Director, Building Systems Solutions Group, Armstrong Fluid Technology, in this interview he gave to Ranjana Maria Konatt of Climate Control Middle East, talks about the arrival of digitalization as a way to build digital twin for both optimization and condition-based maintenance. Excerpts…

Added: May 15, 2021 | By Ranjana Konatt


Carel signs agreement to acquire 51% of CFM Soğutma

Company says the transaction is aligned with two of its key strategic directions: geographical expansion outside western Europe and the development of the services business – on-field and digital

Added: May 10, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Carrier launches Abound

Company describes it as a digital platform to create smarter, more resilient spaces that improve occupant health

Added: Apr 27, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Where does the industry stand when it comes to the adoption of smart technologies in facilities management (FM)? Given the reported tangible and intangible benefits of digital solutions, what are the main bottlenecks that building owners face when it comes to investing in smart FM, and how can the industry overcome them to improve energy efficiency and IEQ? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Added: Apr 13, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy

The Cinderella treatment of Cx, RCx

Commissioning (Cx) and retro-commissioning (RCx) do not come for discussion in the design, delivery and the eventual operation of many new construction and existing buildings, says Ian Fail-Brown, adding that their avoidance directly impacts energy efficiency, reliability and IAQ

Added: Apr 9, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


RetrofitTech to see a large lineup of speakers

6th edition of the event will see presentations and panel participations from Etihad ESCO, RSB Dubai; Energy Efficiency & Renewables Office (Reem), Ras Al Khaimah Municipality; Abu Dhabi Energy Services; Dubai Supreme Council of Energy; Abu Dhabi City Municipality; Environment Agency Abu Dhabi; AHRI and ENOC, amongst others.

Added: Mar 21, 2021 | By CCME Content Team

The Crux of building performance

Commissioning is arguably the most cost-effective process for short-term and long-term advantages to building owners, facility managers and building occupants, says Martin Williamson. However, he adds, there are many projects in the GCC region, where commissioning is not utilised or is carried out to a low standard.

Added: Mar 5, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


‘Consolidation is the oxygen we so badly need’

It is vital to preserve indispensable MEP-related expertise, and the skills and lessons learnt through putting in the hard yards, argue V Sekhar Reddy, Managing Director, Lexzander and Rahul Duragkar, Managing Director, Emitech Group

Added: Feb 24, 2021 | By CCME Content Team

The Great Reboot

The UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment recently described the approval and implementation of the country’s new Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), tied to achieving the climate change mitigation goals of the historic Paris Agreement of 2015, as a key milestone, adding that the “move falls under our national economic and energy diversification drive, manifested […]

Added: Feb 23, 2021 | By Surendar Balakrishnan


JCI unveils sustainability commitments

Company says it is accelerating vision for a healthy, sustainable planet, including committing to achieving net-zero-carbon emissions before 2040

Added: Jan 29, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Retrofitting in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Ashok Jha, Head, FM & Retrofit Projects, Universal Voltas LLC, provides an overview of trends driving demand for retrofits in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Added: Jan 18, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy

A complete 180

Dan Mizesko, Managing Partner/President, U.S. Chiller Services International, speaks candidly on how the changing political landscape and occupancy trends, triggered by COVID-19, will impact the built-environment across the United States. Excerpts from the interview he gave to Hannah Jo Uy of Climate Control Middle East…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy


Building for the “new normal”

The drying up of new projects from COVID-triggered economic uncertainty has spurred greater awareness and interest towards retrofit projects. Will the new wave of retrofits place greater emphasis on IAQ, or like before, will efforts solely be towards energy efficiency, with an eye on reducing operational costs? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy


‘We have to give priority to local production’

In this freewheeling interview with B Surendar of Climate Control Middle East, Raphael Khlat and Azzam Messaykeh, the CEO and COO, respectively, of Faisal Jassim Group, discuss their philosophy on trading, their strategic response to market circumstances and how they would like to see the day when locally manufactured equipment would find their way to far-flung markets. Excerpts…

Added: Nov 30, 2016 | By Surendar Balakrishnan

State of the industry: Building performance

The leadership in the GCC region has been introducing a raft of vision statements and measures to encourage, urge and support the multiple stakeholders to raise the bar on building performance. Such path-breaking initiatives and thought processes as region-specific Green Building regulations, building-retrofit programmes, nearly zero-energy buildings, smart cities and IoT point to the right direction in terms of intent. Broadly, we are witness to market transformation and positive disruptive approaches, which have the potential to cut project timelines, and improve energy efficiency, indoor environment, reliability and resource conservation. But are building owners, architects, consultants, sub-consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and FM firms prepared to align themselves with these changes, broadly speaking? Are they showing a willingness to rise to the occasion? Or, are there factors – some self-induced and some beyond their control – that are proving to be challenges in the pathway to optimising their performance towards delivering better buildings? Climate Control Middle East brings you a two-part state-of-the-industry report, with the focus on the MEP consultancy and MEP contracting sectors. At the same time, the narrative includes aspects related to building owners and the role of policymakers and planners in influencing best practices. Here, we bring you the first part of the report, where the focus is on the MEP consultancy sector…

Added: Sep 22, 2016 | By Surendar Balakrishnan