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Retrofitting in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Ashok Jha, Head, FM & Retrofit Projects, Universal Voltas LLC, provides an overview of trends driving demand for retrofits in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Added: Jan 18, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Building for the “new normal”

The drying up of new projects from COVID-triggered economic uncertainty has spurred greater awareness and interest towards retrofit projects. Will the new wave of retrofits place greater emphasis on IAQ, or like before, will efforts solely be towards energy efficiency, with an eye on reducing operational costs? Hannah Jo Uy has the story…

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy

Climate change and the larger picture of finances

Mayor James Brainard of the city of Carmel, in the US state of Indiana, is into his seventh consecutive term in office, a unique position to bring about serious change in energy use among his electorate. A Republican, he is an advocate of the need to curb energy use and supports the Paris Agreement. Here, in an exclusive interview to Surendar Balakrishnan of Climate Control Middle East magazine, he speaks of focusing on low hanging fruit in addressing climate change and, at the same time, of being mindful of the need to protect those invested in the fossil fuel industry. Excerpts…

Added: Jan 7, 2021 | By B Surendar

Pondering over porosity, permeability

Air filters are at the heart of efforts for achieving good Indoor Air Quality. What are the factors that ensure effective filtration solutions for sustained performance?

Added: Sep 12, 2018 | By Ranjana Konatt

What is ailing air filters?

Dr Iyad Al-Attar lists a few practices explaining the reason behind frequent failure of air filters.

Added: Jul 12, 2016 | By Nayantara N


The Long and Dusty Road Ahead …

In this last and final installment on the present series on air filtration, Dr Iyad Al-Attar highlights the need for better air filtration technology for improved Indoor Air Quality and reiterates his call for joint responsibility to ensure that this becomes a reality. We hope that the sincerity his voice exudes and the earnestness and urgency of his mission has reached out to our readers.

Added: Jul 13, 2012 | By Dr Iyad Al-Attar

Filtration Stages

In Part 12 of the series on air filtration, Dr. Iyad Al-Attar discusses the function of each filtration stage and the filter design required and also addresses underlying reasons that would make filter performance deviate from the laboratory test reports

Added: Mar 13, 2012 | By Dr Iyad Al-Attar


Filtration selection – eliminating errors

In Part 11 of the series on air filtration, Dr Iyad Al-Attar explains the three vital stages of air filtration selection and argues that efficient air filtration is a concept whose time has come.

Added: Feb 9, 2012 | By Dr Iyad Al-Attar


Unravelling the mystery of air filter behaviour

Iyad Al-Attar follows particles on their microscopic journey, and argues that the selection process of filters needs to be accorded the seriousness it deserves.

Added: Jun 30, 2011 | By CCME Content Team

Air filtration – the sole line of defence

In the fourth part of the series on air filtration, Iyad Al-Attar interrogates if our indoor spaces are designed to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants, and stresses that compromising on residential and hospital indoor air quality is, or should be, unacceptable.

Added: May 30, 2011 | By Dr Iyad Al-Attar

Sandstorms – can air filters combat them?

In the third part of the series on air filtration, Iyad Al-Attar follows the microscopic journey of particles during a sandstorm, and asks a few relevant questions.

Added: Apr 20, 2011 | By Dr Iyad Al-Attar