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Help, fire… help, virus attack… help, global warming

It is a self-defeating exercise to harp on poor air quality or poor life safety and ignore the threat of climate change. For significant energy savings, the entire ventilation system needs to be designed with carbon reduction as a focus. Choice of motors, control electronics, airflow paths – within the fan unit and within the wider system – are all of vital importance when defining the energy efficiency of a system, says Lewis Boyland, Middle East Technical Manager, Nuaire

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Either way, we have to pay

We, as a society, have what it takes to not only confront future pandemics but to have no more pandemics. However, that would require the courage to change the way we live, treat our planet and consume its natural resources, says Dr Iyad Al-Attar

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If you can’t measure risk, you can’t mitigate it

We know that IAQ can lead to serious health issues. It’s more urgent than ever that we learn how to map, measure and optimise it, says Sam Molyneux, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Poppy

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Shifting focus, keeping the balance

Amidst vaccine roll-outs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus shifts from energy efficiency to the need for better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). What are the concerns and challenges in this respect? Ranjana Konatt, Online Writer, Climate Control Middle East, presents an overview…

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