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Khalifa Port strengthens UAE food security with new facility

Says storage and processing plant to be operated by National Feed; highlights how it has a tradition of developing ultra-modern cold and dry storage installations that provide importers and companies involved in food distribution with efficient and sustainable services

Added: Jan 25, 2021 | By CCME Content Team


Retrofitting in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Ashok Jha, Head, FM & Retrofit Projects, Universal Voltas LLC, provides an overview of trends driving demand for retrofits in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE

Added: Jan 18, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy

‘The UAE leadership has a view of the future – and it is not just tomorrow’

Tomas Anker Christensen speaks exclusively with Hannah Jo Uy of Climate Control Middle East on his appointment as Denmark’s first Climate Ambassador, opportunities for greater cooperation between the UAE and Denmark and the intangible benefits of cultivating local expertise and solutions. Excerpts…

Added: Jan 11, 2021 | By Hannah Jo Uy


Buildings-related emissions hit record high: UN

Including construction, building sector now accounts for 38% of all CO2 emissions, body says, adding direct building CO2 emissions need to halve by 2030 to get on track for net-zero-carbon building stock by 2050

Added: Dec 17, 2020 | By CCME Content Team


And we have here…

In this, the second part of our coverage of The Big 5 Dubai 2017, which ran from November 26 to 29,2017, we present to you more profiles of companies that participated in the mega exhibition…

Added: Jan 9, 2018 | By CCME Content Team


‘And we have here…’

The HVACR section of The Big 5 Show of 2017 provided an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase new products and innovations, in addition to strengthening their relationship with existing clients and seeking out new ones. Climate Control Middle East, in its traditional coverage of the show, presents profiles of some of the exhibiting companies, with more to follow in the January 2018 issue.

Added: Dec 16, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

‘It was a great experience representing the UAE in the HVACR field’

Roudha Bin Bahr, an Emirati undergraduate student specialising in Chemical Engineering at STS, Al Ain, speaks with Hannah Jo Uy of Climate Control Middle East on her participation as the first and only Arab woman in the World Skills Competition 2017, the importance of skills training and capacity building and her thoughts on the future the HVACR industry holds for Emirati youth. Excerpts…

Added: Dec 14, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


Stage set for The Big 5 2017

Solar technologies to be spotlighted for the first time at the event, says organiser

Added: Nov 23, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


nZEB trend gathers steam in the GCC region

Industry insider believes technology maturity and greater awareness among end-users will prove to be key factors for the progress of nZEB in the region

Added: | By Benwen Lopez

Eliminating water hammer

How to protect pumping systems from damaging pressure surges

Added: Oct 16, 2017 | By Venugopal Balla

CTI STD-152? No problem!

PFRP (Pultruded Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) cooling towers, which conform to CTI STD-137, CTI STD-152 and ASCE 7-05 standards, are destined to be a driving force in the District Cooling industry, says Imran Ali...

Added: Oct 15, 2017 | By CCME Content Team

Enforcing the code

Without enforcement, regulations remain a paper tiger, says Benwen Lopez, as he looks at various options, including block-chain, that can help monitor the sea of activities in a construction cycle

Added: | By CCME Content Team


BELIMO to join Eurovent Middle East

Manufacturer of actuator and valve technology says the motivation for joining the association comes from a need to promote a coordinated approach towards standardisation, legislation and public initiatives

Added: | By CCME Content Team


ASHRAE standards in Arabic

Translation of ASHRAE Standard 62.1 nearing completion, says UAE Falcon Chapter

Added: Oct 12, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

VRF industry steps up its game

Technology offers solutions for more complex problems, say most manufacturers, and consultants, by and large, agree

Added: Oct 10, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

The big R

What feelings do regulations evoke amongst manufacturers? And what is the regulator point of view? Benwen Lopez has the story...

Added: Oct 4, 2017 | By Benwen Lopez

Going beyond G+3

The deployment of VRF system in a G+35 high-rise in the UAE busts the myth that the technology is suitable only for villas and low-rise buildings in the GCC region, writes Dharmesh Sawant

Added: Sep 27, 2017 | By Dharmesh Sawant

Averting a disaster

Relating from his experience, Peter Tracey broadly outlines the various strategies and measures that can be adopted to control Legionella...

Added: | By Peter Tracey

Skinny Insulation

New silicon-based heat insulation panel, with thermal conductivity (λ) of just 0.019 W/mK and incorporated with ‘core hydrophobisation’ technology, which makes the entire pore structure – and not just the surface – water repellant, is being presented as a solution for the construction industry, additionally because it reportedly is not susceptible to mould and its mineral-based raw materials offer high fire-retardant properties

Added: Aug 13, 2017 | By Dr Gabriele Gärtner


Off-line cleaning methods require periodic shutdown of the process for heat exchanger cleaning via hydro blasting, scrapers, nylon or metallic brushes or chemical cleaning. Automatic tube-cleaning systems can be the answer...

Added: | By Dan Mizesko

A towering responsibility for academia

The emergence of cutting-edge tools like BIM is placing an enormous responsibility on academia to produce students that are capable of using them to their fullest potential towards achieving sustainable development in the built-environment, says Dr Hassam N Chaudhry

Added: Jul 26, 2017 | By Dr Hassam N Chaudhry

Help, mould attack!

Not to worry – decidedly, dual rotary inverter compressors can help eliminate moisture, mould and other fungi

Added: | By Dharmesh Sawant


The full potential of ‘smart’ remains elusive

Industry insiders say that while there has been significant market penetration of smart building technology in the GCC region, the ride ahead is a bumpy one, owing to a plethora of complexities

Added: Jul 18, 2017 | By Benwen Lopez


Blue Star forms subsidiary company

Blue Star International FZCO will be headquartered in Dubai; Dawood Bin Ozair has been appointed as its Chief Executive Officer

Added: Jul 9, 2017 | By CCME Content Team

‘We strongly believe in the Middle East’

Poul Due Jensen, Group Executive Vice President for Group Sales, Marketing and Service, Grundfos Holding AG, speaks alongside Henning Sandager, Area Managing Director (Middle East and Turkey), Grundfos Gulf Distribution, and Kim Jensen, Regional Managing Director (EMEA), Sales Region Handel, on how the company has leveraged its long-standing reputation and commitment towards innovation and sustainability.

Added: Jun 20, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy


The battle against moisture, mould

There’s a need to pay heed to shelf life of equipment; it is unfair to blame the manufacturer for selling ‘faulty equipment’

Added: | By Benwen Lopez

No Brainer!

That’s how Prashanth B S characterises the decision to use LED lighting technology, which he proves through metrics as having a substantial reduction in the cooling load of a building.

Added: Jun 15, 2017 | By Prashanth BS

Wheels of Chain

The 8th edition of Food Chain addressed aspects related to strengthening two mission-critical links in the cold chain: Transport refrigeration and cold storage. In this, the first part of the report, we present to you the transport refrigeration-related discussions...

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy

‘The Fire Code is the result of analysis of past learnings’

Terry Johnson FIFireE, Senior Fire Service Advisor, Operation Department of Dubai Civil Defence (DCD), speaks on the new Fire Code and also on how he is eager to listen to HVAC manufacturers share their knowledge and experience, in this interview with Benwen Lopez of Climate Control Middle East. Excerpts...

Added: | By Benwen Lopez

As good as new!

In a scenario where a substantial number of water-cooled chillers in the region have started to reach maturity, Dan Mizesko offers two retrofit solutions that meet existing levels of efficiency as well as convert to refrigerants compliant with today’s needs.

Added: May 30, 2017 | By Dan Mizesko

The pros and corners of HVAC duct cleaning

Bringing his professional experience to bear upon the issues involved in duct cleaning, Leo Radford offers pointers to get the job done efficiently and hygienically.

Added: May 29, 2017 | By Leo Radford

The price of compromising on IAQ

Highlighting that uncontrolled movement of air within a building not only compromises the design intent of the HVAC system but also increases pollutants in a building that affect our mental and physical well-being, David O’Riley makes a case for continuous monitoring to obtain real-time data to enable remedial action.

Added: | By David O'Riley

Towards redefining the compressors segment

By embracing digitalisation, compressor technology is accelerating to new levels of innovation and driving towards energy-efficiency goals. Benwen Lopez reports…

Added: May 24, 2017 | By Benwen Lopez

VRF technology comes of age

The 5th edition of the Annual Middle East Variable Refrigerant Flow Conference held on March 27 in Dubai, UAE, showcased the strides the system has made and the foothold it has now gained throughout the region, with stakeholders looking to capitalise on the momentum to unleash the system’s potential in various applications in a wide array of projects. We bring you a detailed report…

Added: May 18, 2017 | By Hannah Jo Uy

Information on the go

Dilip Sinha, General Manager (Middle East, Turkey and Africa), Honeywell-Environmental and Energy Solutions, talks to Benwen Lopez of Climate Control Middle East on the company’s initiatives related to intelligent building systems. Excerpts from the interview…

Added: | By Benwen Lopez

Belimo Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve, which consists of a two-way characterised control valve, volumetric flow meter, temperature sensors and an actuator with integrated logic, combines many functions in a single installation-friendly unit, Belimo said.

Added: May 16, 2017 | By CCME Content Team


SPX introduces NC Everest in the Middle East

Company says new product has specifically been designed for the region and is considered the largest single-cell, factory-assembled cooling tower available in the market

Added: | By Hannah Jo Uy