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CIBSE UAE to host Annual Awards ceremony

Event, to be attended by CIBSE President, Kevin Mitchell and CIBSE CEO, Ruth Carter, will celebrate the achievements of the building services industry in the region, CIBSE UAE says

| | Aug 16, 2022 | 10:18 am
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DUBAI, UAE, 16 August 2022: The CIBSE UAE Annual Awards ceremony will take place on September 8 in Dubai, CIBSE UAE said through a Press release. The theme of the gala ceremony is to celebrate the achievements of the building services industry in the region and to showcase best practices followed by building service engineers in the UAE, CIBSE UAE said. Newly elected CIBSE President, Kevin Mitchell and CIBSE CEO, Ruth Carter will preside over the event, CIBSE UAE added.

In line with Mitchell’s vision for CIBSE, the event will also be a chance for the next generation of young engineers and the wider engineering practice community to seek inspiration from the region’s industry leaders, CIBSE UAE said. The event will also see participation from the academia through project demos from an Inter-University Student Design Competition, held earlier in the year, CIBSE UAE said. Companies are also encouraged to nominate their engineers for the various awards that will be presented during the gala event, as a sign of inspiration and celebration of the talent pool.

CIBSE Global is a professional engineering body that exists to advance and promote the art, science and practice of building services engineering; to invest in education and research; and to support our community of built environment professionals in their pursuit of excellence, CIBSE UAE said. The organisation not only establishes guidance for the building services industry but also encourages and promotes the active participation of all professionals and students who are interested in engaging with them across various activities and initiatives, in the form of CPDs and accreditation of course materials offered in leading universities across the United Kingdom, CIBSE UAE said.

CIBSE UAE said it is the only regional representation of the engineering body in the Middle East and serves as a connection between the main body in the United Kingdom and the other regions across the world. CIBSE UAE said that with its recent works – such as the Minimum Design Guidelines for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia – it has established itself as a leading professional institution that is demonstrative of its technical excellence in the building services industry. The CIBSE UAE network brings together the industry at large with leading companies, manufacturers and suppliers to ensure collaborative action is taken to ensure best practices are being developed and implemented within the region, CIBSE UAE said.

CIBSE UAE said participation in the awards ceremony is highly recommended to demonstrate leadership as a workplace that not only incorporates best practices to deliver high-performance buildings in the region but also as a leader in enabling the younger generation of engineers to develop and become active leaders in the industry.

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