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Four tips to stay cool and safe while driving in the Middle East this summer

Amir Naqvi, Regional Business Leader, Honeywell Fluorine Products, highlights health and safety considerations, including being mindful of counterfeit refrigerants…

| | Jul 15, 2022 | 10:30 am
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With temperatures crossing 50 degrees C in some parts of the Middle East, drivers across the region are turning up their air conditioning to stay cool as they go about their daily lives.

However, many drivers are unaware of important health and safety considerations associated with the proper use and maintenance of their car’s AC system. After all, with the hot weather comes the increased risk of fatigue or a malfunction in the AC system.

Here are four tips on how to keep cool – and safe – during what is tipped as the Middle East’s hottest summer on record.

  1. Dial down the temperature to stay alert: Recent studies suggest that high temperatures are likely to cause drowsiness and dull driver alertness[1]. That’s because when driving at a temperature of 27 degrees C degrees, a driver’s reaction times are 22% slower than they are at 21 degrees C.[2] Thus, setting a car’s air conditioning to a comfortable and safe 21-22 degrees C helps to keep drivers cool, alert and responsive.
  1. Clear the air: In the past few years, the link between air quality and public health has become more prominent. Automotive air conditioning systems remove up to 88% of pollutants and allergens from the outside air.[3] So, to stay sneeze- and headache-free, drivers can simply turn on their air conditioning.  
  1. Proper maintenance: When servicing their car, customers should ensure their garage conducts a thorough check of the AC system, looking for any wear or leaks; changes or tops up the refrigerant; and cleans or replaces the air filters as per the manufacturer’s guidance. Maintenance is important, given the role AC plays in removing pollutants from the air.
  2. Be mindful of counterfeit refrigerant: Counterfeit refrigerants remain a dangerous, persistent problem across the Middle East. To ensure genuine refrigerant is used in their car, customers should ensure their AC system is serviced in a reputable garage.

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