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ENGIE Refrigeration launches SPECTRUM Water

New model is available as heat pump and chiller, company says.

| | Jan 10, 2022 | 7:06 pm
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LINDAU ON LAKE CONSTANCE, Germany, 10 January 2022: ENGIE Refrigeration said it will be expanding its product portfolio after the launch of its SPECTRUM Water system on March 28. The new system, it added, will be available worldwide both as a water/water heat pump for hot water temperatures of up to +68 degrees Celsius and as a water-cooled chiller for brine applications, providing up to -10 degrees Celsius.

The launch, the company said, will allow it to reach new customers and areas of application, especially in the heating supply field. As a heat pump, the new SPECTRUM Water is suitable not just for commercial and industrial heating applications but also for integration into heat networks, district solutions and housing development concepts, the company said.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Jochen Hornung, CEO, ENGIE Refrigeration, said: “At ENGIE Refrigeration, we expedite the transition to climate neutrality. We focused on this aim when developing our SPECTRUM Water. And we achieved it in exemplary fashion – as an ecologically sustainable alternative to boilers that run on fossil fuels, our new SPECTRUM Water heat pump contributes to the decarbonisation of heat generation. We help our customers achieve their own climate targets, and through this collaboration we play our part in the heating transition and help the world achieve its 1.5-degree target.”

According to ENGIE, the new SPECTRUM Water is based on the technology of the QUANTUM Water, which the company claimed, is currently the most efficient water-cooled chiller on the international market. Accordingly, the SPECTRUM model features innovative technology components, oil-free compressors with magnetic bearings, flooded shell and tube condensers, an open-flash economiser integrated as standard, and an intelligent Siemens S7 PLC, the company claimed, as a result, the system offers outstanding energy efficiency, operational reliability and power density, it claimed.

The oil-free machine design, it further said, guarantees stable performance and efficiency throughout the system’s service life, along with low maintenance requirements. As with the QUANTUM Water, digital features will be available to increase user-friendliness and serviceability, among them the option of using smart control to operate the machine from a mobile end device, and an integrated interface with the CoolCare remote maintenance software, the company said.

After its launch on March 28, the SPECTRUM Water will be available both as a water/water heat pump and as a water-cooled chiller, the company said. With 12 basic models in total, the SPECTRUM Water heat pump offers a heating capacity of 360-3,000 kilowatts for hot water temperatures up to +68 degrees Celsius; the SPECTRUM Water chiller, with the same number of models, offers a refrigeration capacity between 200 and 1,200 kilowatts for refrigeration applications involving brine temperatures to -10 degrees Celsius, the company said.

The machine can run on the low-GWP refrigerant, R-1234ze and the safety refrigerants R-515B, R-513A and R-134a, the company said. “Our new SPECTRUM Water covers an exceedingly wide temperature and performance range and is, thus, suitable for use in a wide range of industries – as a heat pump providing heat in new and existing large-volume buildings; for integration into urban and communal heat networks; or as a chiller for the food production and processing industry,” Hornung said. “Due to its highly specific properties, the SPECTRUM Water is a future-proof investment: our model meets the highest standards in terms of economy, efficiency and sustainability in refrigeration and heating.”

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