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SB Group unveils “smart integrated property management solutions”

Company says it is targeting smart innovations in the hospitality industry

| | Nov 18, 2021 | 8:01 pm
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DUBAI, UAE, 18 November 2021: The Sanjeevv Bhatia (SB) Group featured its smart property management and system integration solutions for 200 key stakeholders from the hospitality industry, as part of The Stakeholder Conference 2021 hosted by The Hospitality Network – an invite-only event, held from October 26 to 28 at the Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Sanjeevv Bhatia

Making the announcement through a Press release, the Group said it gave stakeholders the opportunity to witness products and services brought to market by Netix Controls, a smart building management solutions provider; ODS Global, a smart systems integrator; and Teknoware, an intelligent emergency lighting manufacturer; in an exclusive “Experience Room”, set up for the event.

The displayed automation solutions are implementable in greenfield and brownfield projects, for seamlessly connected, monitored and managed buildings, the Group said. The demo wall included a live command and control centre (iICCC) – which is a nerve centre for smart city solutions – for interested stakeholders that included developers, facility managers, consultants and fitout companies. The stakeholders also included prestigious international hotel chains with a portfolio of existing and new properties across the globe, the Group said.

Also on display were integration capabilities of various systems with the Netix Konnect iIBMS platform, the Group said. The featured solutions included state-of-the-art, Wi-Fi-enabled and remote operatable thermostats designs that minimise hardware dependence; and the interplay of hardware and software to achieve seamless GRMS workflow, with guests able to see utilities consumption monitored and tracked on a live screen, the Group added.

“The SB Group was able to give stakeholders a live demo of the massive integration-enabled advantages they can unlock, for their hospitality properties”, says Sanjeevv Bhatia, Founder and CEO, SB Group. “The average hospitality property is dealing with 40-50 vendors, from whom they have sourced embedded systems. As opposed to many tier-1 service providers, who charge minimum USD 500,000 to millions of dollars to simply onboard these assets to a single platform; the SB Group’s solution for such system integration is within the grasp of even SME businesses, regardless of whether the property is a new project, or an existing one.”

Visitors to the Experience Room were able to witness a live demonstration of the Netix Konnect platform’s real-time alarm generation, as well as utility consumption and energy monitoring capabilities, in addition to features that enhance asset lifecycles, the Group said. Also showcased were the Netix iICCC – a single window access to real-time smart city data with energy management, data analysis, security, fault detection and diagnostics, and many other capabilities – which enable business intelligence, Big Data analysis, and IoT integration for an entire city, using powerful analytical dashboards, the Group said.

In the context of the hospitality industry, Netix Controls is not only able to integrate GRMS, BMS, but also program it to remember a particular guest’s preferred settings, including energy consumption, real-time usage and preferences, which are automatically shared whenever the guest checks in next, the Group said. This makes it possible to anticipate and manage energy usage, in addition to providing highly personalised services.

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