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ODS Global partners with Johnson Controls

Says the tie-up will focus on the growing emphasis on energy usage, sustainability and digital transformation

| | Mar 28, 2021 | 10:32 am
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DUBAI, UAE, 28 March, 2021: UAE-based ODS Global, which provides integrated building management services, has entered into a partnership with Johnson Controls (JCI). Making the announcement through a Press release, ODS, which is part of UAE-based SB Group, said the tie-up is to foster greater innovation and efficiencies in building operations.

Sanjeevv Bhatia

According to ODS, the partnership with JCI embodies the evolving consumer sentiment, driven by an increased focus on energy usage, sustainability and digital transformation. It includes the addition of the groundbreaking Building and Energy Management Systems (BEMS), offered by EasyIO, a subsidiary of JCI, to ODS’ existing services portfolio, ODS said through the release. EasyIO’s range of BEMS and products can combine multiple protocols, such as Sox, BACnet and Web API, and help create an integrated and connected model of building operations, the company said. This open-source technology can be seamlessly added to any management platform, whether it is deployed in conjunction with pre-existing infrastructure or as an installation within a new system, the company added.

Commenting on the partnership with JCI, Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman, SB Group, emphasised the challenge of reconciling distinct vendor protocols and software licenses to achieve portfolio-wide energy efficiency and sustainability. “EasyIO marks a paradigm shift in energy management,” Bhatia said. “With the UAE’s real estate sector gearing up for a sustainable future, using a tech-driven approach, there is growing need for a solution, such as EasyIO, which can help clients, engineers and contractors in the UAE, optimize savings, asset performance and end-user comfort across the entire real estate value chain, at portfolio scale.

“At ODS Global, we have championed seamless, cost-effective and scalable integration of multi-vendor assets to unlock unprecedented efficiencies and energy savings. By partnering with a leading innovator like Johnson Controls, we can deliver unique innovations, which transform the UAE real estate market, with new possibilities”.

According to ODS, such strategic partnerships and tech innovations are becoming commonplace in the building automation market, which is poised to reach a valuation of USD 273 billion by 2023. The UAE is emerging as a hotbed for these developments, with global market leaders and regional incumbents pooling their resources, policy makers facilitating a favourable ecosystem and customers driving focus on sustainability.

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