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Hira Industries launches new range of suspension hanging systems

Company says products reduce installation time significantly

| | Mar 29, 2021 | 4:52 pm
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DUBAI, UAE, 29 March 2021: Aeroduct, a division of Hira Industries, said it has launched a new product range of suspension hanging systems, an effective mechanism to append high load and heavy-duty HVAC accessories, electrical services and other decorative accessories from the ceiling. Making the announcement through a Press release, Aeroduct said the suspension hanging systems offer fast, easy and versatile suspension solutions than the existing systems in the UAE market.

Haris Qureshi

“Hira Industries is committed to providing innovative solutions that support the MEP and HVAC sector,” said Haris Qureshi, a Senior Technical Sales Manager of Hira Industries. “The launch of the suspension hanging systems is an effort to reduce the installation time as compared to the conventional products, increase productivity, enhance safety as well as provide a cost-effective system to the MEP & HVAC services industry with a service par excellence.”

According to Aeroduct, the suspension hanging systems have been designed to specifically reduce overhead costs, such as time and labour, by providing ready-to-use kits with a length of steel wire rope and end fixings as per the customer’s requirements to enforce easy and quick installation of the suspension solutions.

Aeroduct said it has developed a wide range of suspension solutions, such as the wire rope, cable blocker, eye bolt and catenary hanger, amongst others, to meet the requirements of the MEP and FM contractors that specialise in suspended accessories and systems. Qureshi said: “Our suspension hanging systems’ range is an efficient solution that does not require on-site slicing, which eliminates the need to saw-off threaded rods for hanging ducts. These are made from special materials that make the hanging systems lightweight yet durable, proposing simple and safe suspension for diverse projects.”

According to Aeroduct, the suspension hanging systems have been developed following in-depth research and expertise, following the rising requirements of MEP and HVAC contractors for systems with diverse applications that are easy to install, flexible and lightweight for smooth transportation. The suspension solution systems, Aeroduct said, comply with SMACNA and carry a 5:1 safety factor, ensuring high quality, safe and reliable products for HVAC, electrical and suspension requirements.

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