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Empower completes shoring work for its new district cooling plant in Za’beel district

The 50,000 RT capacity plant will operate with smart and innovative technologies developed by Empower, to have more efficiency in its operations and to optimise energy usage, utility company’s CEO says

| | Oct 6, 2020 | 1:29 pm
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Ahmad Bin Shafar

DUBAI, UAE, 6 October 2020: Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) said that the shoring work has been completed for its new district cooling plant in Za’beel, one of the vital districts in Dubai. Making the announcement through a Press release, the Dubai-headquartered district cooling provider said the new plant will be with a cooling capacity of 50,000 refrigeration tons (RT) and is being established in order to cater to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly district cooling services in the area. Its existing district cooling plant in DIFC will be interconnected to the new plant in Za’beel, and the total cooling capacity of both the plants will be 112,000 RT, Empower said. The existing and underway multi-use urban projects in the Za’beel area, which includes Dubai World Trade Center buildings,  ‘One  Zabeel’ Towers and other adjacent projects in DIFC will be served with district cooling services from the plants, Empower said.

According to Empower, the design of the new plant meets the highest international design and construction standards, including sustainable green building standards. Supplying chilled water to Za’beel, Empower said, is part of its strategy to extend the geographical range of its services and broaden the scope of environmentally friendly district cooling services in Dubai.

Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO, Empower, said that the company is proceeding with its expansion plans and the construction of new plants, which will operate with advanced technologies, as part of a strategic approach that seeks to implement planned sustainable development, as per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aim to reduce electricity and water consumption by 30%, and render the emirate a global centre for green economy and the city with the lowest carbon footprint worldwide by 2050.

The Za’beel cooling plant, Shafar said, will operate with smart and innovative technologies developed by Empower, to have more efficiency in its operations and to optimise energy usage, which would help conserving natural resources for generations to come. The new plant will feature Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technologies to reduce the load on the state’s power grid by optimising the inflow and outflow of chilled water during peak and off-peak hours, Empower said. The plant will be connected to the Empower Command Control Center, which has the capacity to analyse up to two million data related to coolers, transformers, cooling towers and water supplies, using advanced SCADA system, Empower said. The centre, it added, works through a highly efficient smart network that helps it respond accurately and promptly to any operation-related emergency that may occur in the district cooling plants.



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