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Empower announces record diversification in its district cooling portfolio

District cooling utility says it is serving chilled water services to seven major sectors in Dubai

| | Sep 14, 2020 | 4:55 pm
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Ahmad bin Shafar

DUBAI, UAE, 14 September 2020: Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced a record number of sustainable growth and positive diversification in its portfolio that includes seven major sectors in Dubai. Making the announcement through a Press release, the district cooling utility said the residential sector tops the list of its clients by 64%, followed by the commercial sector with 16% and the hospitality sector with 13%.  The health sector has increased its share to three per cent, and the remaining four per cent is distributed among educational, industrial, and retail sectors, the utility said. A total of 1,180 buildings are served by the company as of end 2019, the utility added.

The diversified portfolio and the broad customer base that are being served reflects the growing demand for district cooling solutions, which has become an ideal choice for the strategic sectors driving the city’s economy, the utility said. District cooling saves up to 50% of electricity for cooling buildings and reduces the load on the national power grid and the service cost, the utility said. It also contributes to achieving sustainability and protects the environment by reducing carbon emissions, it added.

“Empower is committed to supporting all mega projects and developments in Dubai, particularly residential, hotel and health projects, by linking and providing them with highly efficient cooling systems through artificial intelligence applications,” said Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO, Empower. “District Cooling is the best solution for various sectors, and it is adaptable for any type of building.

“Our huge asset portfolio and customer base motivate us to provide more services with higher quality. It also encourages us to continue to assume our social responsibilities with regard to enhancing awareness among all the entities engaged in the real estate development industry and its beneficiaries, in terms of the building engineering design, the advantages of district cooling services, and the proper methods of installing and operating cooling systems, in order to ensure the highest energy savings”.

Bin Shafar also indicated that smart district cooling provides those sectors with the opportunity to actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, protecting natural resources and securing them for future generations. Our expertise in district cooling has helped us to understand the required cooling load for each building, depending on its type and usage, Bin Shafar said. It helps in avoiding unnecessary burden on building owners and end-users and, ultimately, helps save money in terms of district cooling bills and conserves the environment, he added.

Bin Shafar pointed out that district cooling systems are gaining a great demand from real estate developers, who have realised the importance of adopting district cooling systems due to its tremendous technological advancement that is eco-friendly, as well as its contribution to reducing water and energy consumption in a more effective and reliable way. District cooling systems, he said, have become an essential part of planning and designing of modern buildings, especially in the Arab Gulf states. Empower, he added, plays a key role in global efforts aimed at making a positive impact on climate change by rationalising consumption and preserving natural resources by adopting eco-friendly cooling systems, which, in turn, offer economic advantages and help in achieving sustainable development goals, worldwide.



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