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Business continuity, financial stability, among key topics slated for TQuadC

The fourth edition of The Client, Consultant, Contractor Conference (TQuadC), to be held on October 14, will also feature a co-located event, ‘IT in HVAC, to showcase digital solutions for improving building performance

| | Sep 10, 2020 | 10:00 am
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DUBAI, UAE, 10 September 2020: Business continuity, financial stability and confidence-building measures will be among the key topics of discussion during the fourth edition of The Client, Consultant, Contractor Conference (TQuadC), being organised by CPI Industry and to be held on October 14, 2020 in Dubai. TQuadC will follow an iterative process of drawing from discussions in previous editions in a bid to propel the MEP industry towards resolving outstanding issues afflicting it. Most importantly, though, given the prevailing mood, the event will serve as a platform for stakeholders to identify business opportunities and to define strategies to navigate through the situation engendered by the pandemic.

Comprising uniquely structured sessions, the conference will include plenary and panel discussions, manufacturer perspectives, IT & FM perspectives and client perspectives. Delegates will have an opportunity to participate in a structured Q&A session. Overall, TQuadC is a unique opportunity for the HVACR industry to come together, swap notes, reassess priorities, infuse reasoning, and discuss stress-tests, strategies and solutions to dispel doubts surrounding the way forward in this pandemic. “TQuadC is an essential event in the context of the pandemic and in the context of our collective will to not only survive but also to thrive,” said Surendar Balakrishnan, Co-Founder and Editorial Director, CPI Industry.

This year’s edition features a co-located event, ‘IT in HVAC’, which will showcase the best digital solutions for the building industry. The event will focus on how smart strategies could help stakeholders in the time of COVID and will touch on pathways towards resolving common construction-related disputes and strengthening stakeholder engagement through the use of digital tools.

The co-located event will contribute to the objective of enhancing the current business landscape by highlighting how transparency is a distinct possibility with the digital tools in the marketplace, and how it will be to the industry’s advantage, considering that Dubai and the UAE are focusing on digitalisation with such deep intent. As such, TQuadC will explore the digital tools available on the Dubai landscape, including cutting-edge solutions, which Dubai has welcomed as a testbed of innovation. Central to the discussions are BIM, BMS, blockchain, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence. They will provide a strong context to the discussions and drive the narrative towards a set of outcomes, insights and recommendations aimed at greater energy efficiency, optimising water use and improving indoor air quality.


To know more, visit: http://ccme.events/ccc-me/


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