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Metito joins ‘Water Action Platform’

Forum aims to gather experiences within the global water network to develop best practice responses to pandemics

| | Jul 22, 2020 | 6:18 pm
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Rami Ghandour

DUBAI, UAE, 21 July 2020: Metito, which focuses on intelligent water and alternative energy management solutions, has been named one of the founding members of the Water Action Platform, a new forum dedicated to collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the water sector, the company said through a Press release.

Launched by Isle Utilities, a technology consultancy company, in March 2020, the Water Action Platform was established in response to COVID-19 but has evolved to encompass a wider range of topics, pooling experience and expertise from utilities providers around the world, Metito said. The platform aims to gather experiences within the global water network to develop best practice responses to pandemics and similarly disruptive scenarios to the water industry to protect lives and livelihoods, the company added.

Piers Clark, Chairman, Isle Utilities, said: “Only through targeted global collaboration and coordinated action can we assist with the response to worldwide emergency scenarios. With support from global industry leaders, such as Metito, this platform will become a hub for in-depth discussions of current water affairs and credible solutions and technologies that can contribute to a positive water scenario.”

Commenting on its crucial role as a founding member, Rami Ghandour, Managing Director, Metito, said: “Knowledge-sharing is a top priority for Metito. Through supporting the Water Action Platform, we are paving new ways for supporting utilities and communities around the world. This will minimize the impacts of plausible disruptive scenarios to the water industry – whether it be climate change, pandemics or others.”

According to Metito, a key feature of the Water Action Platform is a bi-weekly webinar, which is available for public access. The next event will be held twice on July 23 (7.30 and 16.30 hours, BST). To participate in the virtual event, visit https://www.wateractionplatform.com/contact.

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