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UL elaborates on the scope of its energy-verified mark

Company official discusses scope in the context of Middle East energy-efficiency programmes

| | Jun 20, 2020 | 8:50 pm
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Stefano Traversi

DUBAI, UAE, 20 June 2020: Stefano Traversi, Engineering Leader HVAC, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), provided a comprehensive overview of UL Certified Enhanced Mark, also known as UL Leaf and Energy Verified Mark, during a June 9 webinar on Product Certifications, organised by Eurovent Middle East, in a bid to educate the public on its relevance in the context of energy-efficiency programmes in the Middle East.

The mark, he explained, is an energy-verified mark, which addresses compliance with testing regulation and procedures of an energy efficiency scheme. This allows customers to obtain test results at UL test facilities, as well as customer facilities under data acceptancy programme and witness test data programme. “This ensures the trustworthiness of the EE results data achieved, since they are measured with trustable third-party, UL, and enable manufacturers to use UL energy-verified mark,” he said.

Traversi added that the mark, in addition to giving trust to the test data, shows compliance with a number of Middle Eastern energy-labelling programmes, including: KWS 1893, SASO 2663, SASO 2874, UAE.S: 5010-1, UAE.S 5010-5, GSO 2530 and QS SASO 2663.

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