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Camfil highlights new HEPA filters

Company official says Megalam EnerGuard can save energy and cost of HEPA filters in the long run

| | May 19, 2020 | 9:19 am
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Nodirjon Rasulov

DUBAI, UAE, 19 May 2020: Camfil has introduced new HEPA filters that can boost energy savings with HEPA filters, said Nodirjon Rasulov, IAQ specialist & Business Development Manager, Camfil. He added that the new product comes after thorough research on different clean rooms and on the healthcare industry. “Until now, European standard Eurovent 4/21 is focused on only primary and secondary filtration,” he said. “However, HEPA part for saving energy without compromising quality was out of question. Camfil has created a HEPA filter, called Megalam EnerGuard, which can save energy and cost of HEPA filters in the long run.”

Rasulov said that the HEPA filters comprise two types of media – glass fibre and PTFE membrane. “Camfil with EnerGuard has combined both technologies to maintain better air quality,” he said. “Besides, this new technology helps us to prevent unforeseen damages to the filters during handling, installation and other stages of the filter.”

Rasulov added that while the company continues to drive innovation in product design, the company recognises that IoT and AI are also poised to impact air treatment solutions. “This is coming into existence, and we have different platforms that help the client to monitor the performance of the filters sitting at their desk,” he said. “Such systems helps the customer to see the IAQ, pressure drop across the filters and energy consumption.” This data, he added, will enable the client to enhance and optimise the maintenance to the best possible ways.

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