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‘We managed to bring the cost down by 15-20%’

Mohammed Dasmal, Managing Director, Bin Dasmal Group, speaks with pride on how the company contributed to the Expo work through timely delivery of customised equipment with an eye on energy efficiency and aesthetics – and at a cost that was agreeable to the client. Excerpts…

| | Feb 29, 2020 | 8:28 am
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Mohammed Dasmal

Bin Dasmal Group is a group of companies that is involved in different areas in the construction industry. We are suppliers mainly of constructionrelated equipment, materials and components, and our strongest area within that is probably within the HVAC sector.

Trosten is one of the divisions that make up the Bin Dasmal Group, and its focus is on manufacturing air conditioning equipment, such as air-handling units and fan-coil units. Trosten has aimed to contribute not only to the Expo but also to various developments happening in the UAE over the years. We have contributed by supplying quality materials and equipment to the projects. And in the space of air conditioning, we want to ensure that the best indoor air quality is available in projects we supply the equipment to.

For the Expo, our major involvement as a company has been through Trosten. It has been about supplying air conditioning equipment to different parts of the Expo site, such as the Luxembourg Pavilion and Route 2020, which ensures that all the Metro stations are air conditioned. We have also supplied equipment to the Mobility Pavilion, Al Wasl Plaza, the Sustainability Pavilion and the Saudi Pavilion. So, that is quite a volume of work there. All these have Trosten air conditioning equipment humming in them, so that’s our main involvement with Expo 2020.

As an Emirati, it is, of course, a great honour to be part of Expo 2020 through our air conditioning business. As you know, the Expo is one of the world’s greatest events, and it lasts over a period of six months.

Expo 2020 is very important for the entire region. It aims to bring people together from all over the world, to see what the world has to offer – and just imagine that… it is taking place in Dubai. Having our equipment provide an environment that is comfortable and healthy means a lot to me, because, of course, without the air conditioning, it’s going to be difficult for people to have an enjoyable stay. So, ensuring that people are in a comfortable environment during the whole event means a lot to me.

A heartening aspect of our work is that we have risen to the challenge. The Expo site is remarkably different, and its various elements are not like your everyday building. One of the areas we excel in as Bin Dasmal is our ability to meet our customers’ requirements by providing customised solutions. To give you an example, the energy efficiency of the equipment we supplied had to be very good, but equally important, we had to provide our equipment in such a way that they could be concealed; by doing so, we adhered to the need for aesthetic sensibility.

Another feature of our work has been to meet the delivery schedules without fail, because the Expo work was a fast-paced project. We had to supply a large number of units within the due dates, which meant our factories worked 24 hours a day. I am happy to report that we unfailingly met the requirement on time.

Yet another feature of our work was that we helped optimise costs for the client, wherever possible. For instance, we worked very closely with the RTA in supplying the stations. Equally, we worked closely with the consultants and the contractors involved on the sites to meet their design requirements. And prior, when it came to manufacturing the equipment, we managed to optimise the cost by negotiating closely with all of our suppliers of raw materials. We were able to bring the cost down by 15-20%. That’s a significant milestone

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