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RSB grants Al Arsh FM provisional accreditation

Company GM discusses shift towards increasing asset life and collaboration with Gerab Energy Systems

| | Feb 23, 2020 | 11:15 am
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Moayed Abdelhadi

DUBAI, UAE, 23 February 2020: RSB Dubai has awarded Al Arsh Facilities Management with provisional accreditation, thereby declaring that the company has met the requirements of the Dubai Energy Service Companies Accreditation Scheme, said Moayed Abdelhadi, General Manager, Al Arsh. Abdelhadi added that the certification is a result of the company’s investment in skilled personnel, trained for energy management work, and follows many successful retrofit projects, which had a particular focus on addressing HVAC equipment. Elaborating on what this means to Al Arsh, Abdelhadi said that an important advantage of being accredited by RSB is that the company is able to enter the market under RSB, and tender for government projects. “It allows us to be specifically referred to as certified energy contractors with proven products that differentiates us from normal contractors,” he said.

Abdelhadi added that such a distinction is an important competitive advantage over other FM companies in the market, especially considering clients in the UAE have showcased more willingness to invest in operations and maintenance, based on his experience tendering for projects in 2020. “It depends on the clients and it depends on the budgets, but we can feel the shift in the industry,” he said. “Most of the tenders have a specific section for quality and energy management and to improve asset lifecycle. It’s different from before, when it was based on cost, but clients are now realising the importance of cost of labour and maintenance and the cost of optimum operations.”

Abdelhadi also discussed the collaboration of Al Arsh and its sister company, Gerab Energy Systems. He explained that although the two companies work independently of each other, they have also worked together to provide clients with more holistic energy management solutions. “If we have projects that require supply and implementation, we focus on implementation,” he said. “But, we do propose our own products for energy audit or retrofit measures. However, if the clients have specific products and measurement, we follow his request.” Abdelhadi added that such collaboration offers most flexibility and allows them to provide recommendations on quality equipment that meet the highest standards. Abdelhadi said that while Al Arsh remains focused on the Dubai market, with projects in Sharjah and Ajman, he sees great opportunity in Ras Al Khaimah, owing to energy efficiency targets set by Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.

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