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Wilo Middle East introduces new pump solutions

Company official discusses integration of intelligent features and the importance of investing in after-sales services to strengthen relations with customers

| | Dec 5, 2019 | 9:37 am
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Fouad Ahmed

DUBAI, UAE, 5 December 2019: Wilo Middle East is introducing new solutions applicable for small villas and big projects, said Fouad Ahmed, Regional Marketing Manager, Middle East and North Africa. He added that the new range of solutions aims to address the GCC region countries’ increasingly proactive move to save electricity and water. “We have an XL pump booster system, which can pump water to higher floors by supplying water in a consistent pressure and, at the same time, reducing cost of electricity and water, so it’s a cost-efficient pump,” he said.

Ahmed also stressed that the company has a range of pumps for sewage treatment facilities integrated with intelligent features, allowing users to control the sewage pump through the BMS and analyse the data through a platform, allowing users to access all relevant information to the sewage plant without having to go to the facility. Ahmed said that the German company is committed to sharing its 147-year-old history in pumps to existing and new customers by introducing its new products from the Dortmund headquarters and, more importantly, providing the necessary support to the local market. “Normally, what I see is that end users trust a lot in the the complete cycle,” he said, adding that providing after-sales, from spare parts to servicing, helps in strengthening partnerships with local partners, consultants, contractors and government authorities.

Ahmed emphasised that being able to rely on and be confident in working with a single supplier through the project is a driving force for a number of customers. “This is really beneficial for the customer, because many of the end users try to avoid the hassle of trying new companies,” he said. “If a manufacturer is reliable, they will ask, ‘Why not connect to that manufacturer, if he can fulfill all my requirement?’” As an example, Ahmed said the company was awarded the Dubai metro project in 2009, and was again awarded the contract for its extension for Expo 2020, owing to the reliability the company has offered over the years, by addressing unique requirements of the project, such as servicing only between 12am and 6am. “You cannot service the metro until it stops which is at 12am,” he said. “So, your service has to be done from 12am to 6am. If you cannot do that service, then the metro will stop and it’s a big problem, so it’s also connected. Pre-sales and after-sales are very important.”

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