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Daikin opens Air Conditioning Solution Plaza in Oman

H.H. Sayyid Tariq Bin Shabib Al Said inaugurates the first-of-its-kind regional facility, which aims to help customers learn more about the technology and the features of Daikin products

| | Dec 11, 2019 | 1:49 pm
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MUSCAT, Oman, 11 December 2019: Daikin’s authorised Oman distributor, Muscat Electronics opened the GCC region’s first ‘Daikin Solution Plaza’ today, the Japan-headquartered company said through a Press release. His Highness Sayyid Tariq Bin Shabib Al Said inaugurated the Plaza, which aims at helping customers learn more about Daikin’s diverse portfolio of products, including the technology it uses and other features, the company said.

According to the release, the facility is strategically located in Ruwi. The Plaza will also feature live demonstration of units and other activities that have been designed to give customers ready access to the right solutions for their specific needs, be it domestic, commercial or industrial, the company said.

Faisal Bin Mohamed Al-Yousef, Executive Director, Muscat Electronics, said: “The country’s wise leadership has mandated special focus and attention directed towards the protection of the environment. In fact, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, was established thanks to the vision of H.H. Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Without a healthy environment, we cannot benefit from the remarkable advances of science and technology. Today, sustained environment is an essential element of the prosperity indicators of the overall economy of countries.”

Al-Yousef pointed out that despite the many advantages and benefits presented by modern air conditioning systems, many related environmental challenges have also emerged. These systems consume around 56% of electricity in Oman, he said. The use of these ACs have resulted in harmful emissions that affect the ozone layer and contribute to global warming, he added.

He shared that the opening of the new facility proves to be both timely and strategic, as it coincides with the 40th anniversary of Muscat Electronics and the 36th year of the company’s long-standing partnership with Daikin.

Al-Yousef added: “Customers will learn more about the advantages and benefits to be gained from using Daikin products, like the energy-efficient and environment-friendly R-32 inverter split, which is known for its minimal impact on global warming and zero negative effect on the ozone layer. This inverter system is also quite cost-effective due to low energy consumption. A special test cabinet in the ‘Daikin Solution Plaza’ will provide visitors with the opportunity to see this for themselves.”

According to the release, another interesting device on display is the Intelligent Manager, which controls a number of household electrical products with a single controller. It also prepares a report covering electricity consumption by calculating peak period of consumption, day and night, and in relation to different parts of the building, the company said. Also on display is the Smart VRV system and Daikin’s air-handling unit products, which can maintain air quality for standard applications and special hygienic applications, the company said.

Al-Yousef lauded the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for its implementation of new guidelines and regulations covering modern devices and equipment. The move contributes to creating uniform terms and conditions of competition in the Gulf market, encouraging the sale of quality products and the implementation of the minimum EER regulations, he said. As a result, consumers will now be more empowered to choose the most appropriate product going beyond its price, by comparing energy consumption, too, he added.

Yuji Miyata, Chairman and President, Daikin MEA, said: “Muscat Electronics LLC is one of our oldest distributors in the region and has been with Daikin for over three and a half decades. The company has played a big role in our growth, as it has helped grow Daikin’s business. Through this new facility, customers will now be able to experience, feel, touch and see the difference and invisible values of Daikin systems. This will help end-users make better decisions, as they can pick the right air conditioning system after observing different options. We wish Muscat Electronics more success, and together we shall be the number one brand in the Omani Market.”

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