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Carrier to showcase VRF technology in Saudi Arabia HVAC R Expo 2020

Company official outlines features of the product

| | Dec 30, 2019 | 3:17 pm
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Vineet Kashyap

DUBAI, UAE, 30 December 2019: Carrier is set to highlight its variable refrigerant flow (VRF) Xpower technology during its participation in HVAC R Expo Saudi Arabia 2020, said Vineet Kashyap, Managing Director, Carrier Middle East, who added that the product is ideal for the local market. Kashyap said the technology circulates the minimum amount of refrigerant needed for each individual zone to satisfy building load. “Since there are no ducts, this eliminates the energy waste associated with the duct loss,” he said. “A single outdoor VRF condenser can power up to 64 independent indoor units, depending on the system.” Kashyap added that Carrier offers Xpower VRF solutions with the mini-VRF, ranging from 4HP to 6HP and top discharge VRF, ranging from 8HP to 20HP, having a combination of up to 56HP.

Further outlining features of the company’s technology, Kashyap said the unit incorporates a DC twin-rotary compressor with diamond-like carbon (DLC) protection coating on the compressor’s vane. Kashyap also explained that the Xpower’s top discharge outdoor units have two compressors each and are operated in variable patterns to ensure equal run time on all compressors and also deliver most efficient operation between 30 and 80% loads, which increases the compressor reliability and also enables operation, if one compressor is removed.

Kashyap added that the product’s Infinity Variable Control has the ability to adjust the compressor rotational speed in 0.1 Hz steps. He said the new three-row heat exchanger design, with 7mm tubes, also increases the total number of passes and improves both system performance and efficiency. “Top discharge condensing units have a four-sided heat exchanger design to ensure maximum air flow rate across the entire coil,” he said “The three-way variable heat exchanger design allows the CDU to select the most efficient heat exchanger size, which precisely matches the indoor capacity load.”

Lastly, Kashyap said the outdoor fan is driven by a DC inverter variable-speed motor, totally enclosed with permanently lubricated bearings. “Every blade of fan is designed with a unique profile inspired by reverse-arc-shaped wings, a solution that guarantees a smoother airflow without turbulences and is made of non-corrosive type material, styrene-acrylonitrile co-polymer, including glass,” he said. Kashyap added that the entire system can be run from a central location or monitored remotely, making it perfect for diverse applications with a range of heating and cooling needs.

Note: Climate Control Middle East would like to thank dmg events, the organisers of HVAC R Expo Saudi, for facilitating the interview.


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