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Reflex: Degassing, dirt separation help lower energy use, reduce corrosion

Company official says air-related problems, if not addressed, can affect the work of other components, including pumps

| | Oct 2, 2019 | 12:38 pm
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Mustapha Fahmy

DUBAI, UAE, 2 October 2019: Investing in good-quality HVAC accessories can greatly enhance overall efficiency and life of valuable components within the system, said Mustapha Fahmy, Regional Sales Director, Reflex, highlighting the company’s own innovations in its products for degassing, pressure maintenance and dirt separation, which, he said, when compared to conventional systems, use less energy and help reduce corrosion. Fahmy said that in order to reap the benefits of investing in such equipment, it is important to expose existing problems. “Many people do not know and were surprised at the extent of the problem of air inside the system,” he explained. “So, it is important to take them inside the pipe. We are an accessory, we are part of the system, and an accessory is not a leading product normally. Therefore, they say, ‘Okay, we will think of it’. However, air-related problems can affect the work of other components, including the pumps, and when the accessory is doing wrong, the whole system is doing wrong. We have to remove the air to conserve the life of the pump, to ensure it continues to give us good performance at low energy.”

Fahmy said that the company was eager to provide consultants and contractors with an update on its air separation technology, specifically its vacuum degasser. “The normal technology is steel air separators, and even the typical steel air separators don’t have wire mesh inside, which is very important to remove the microbubbles,” he said. “We are not looking at the air, we are looking at the microbubbles, which you normally don’t see – and that is the reason why we have to show what is the air and what are the problems in the air, in order to propose what we propose.”

Fahmy also discussed the importance of dynamic pressure management. “In this part of the world, we have traditional systems, and these traditional systems were made 40 years ago, and they still work, but there is air inside, and when there is air inside it leads to corrosion,” he said, adding that the company recommends closed-loop systems to ensure there is no air inside.

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