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Mexichem becomes Orbia

And Mexichem Fluor has been renamed Koura, company says

| | Oct 7, 2019 | 9:47 am
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MEXICO, 7 October 2019: As you may know, Mexichem Fluor, part of a community of companies under the umbrella of a larger company, called Mexichem, has launched new names, with Mexichem henceforth to be called Orbia and Mexichem Fluor to be called Koura, the company said through a Press release.

“Orbia” is a combination of the Latin word for spherical globe (Orb) and Bia, the personification of force in Greek mythology, the company said through the release, adding that putting the two together gave the word the meaning, ‘a force for the world’.

Koura, the company said, has its origins in the word, ‘courage’, sometimes spelled as ‘kouraj’. The company said it is excited to adopt a new name that reflects its identity as a company that takes a courageous approach to the safety and health of its people and the environments and communities it operates in, to innovation and to advancing life around the world.

Elaborating on what the new brand names mean for Mexichem Fluor customers, the company said no contracts, purchase agreements or existing arrangements need to be amended, because the legal entity names will remain the same. The company said through the release that it simply wanted to make its customers aware of the new brands, because they would begin to see the Orbia and Koura logos on communications, products and signage.


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