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Alfa Laval emphasises the importance of optimising production capabilities

Company says its 360-degree Service Portfolio aims at minimising costs and maximising returns on investment in buying equipment

| | Oct 14, 2019 | 4:19 pm
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LUND, Sweden, 14 October 2019: Extending the performance of equipment relies on the correct maintenance procedures being observed, said Magnus Christersson, Division Manager, Service Nordic, Alfa Laval. Explaining, he said, “Performing regular maintenance on your equipment is key to reducing costs and securing uptime in production.” Alfa Laval’s global service network, he said, is driven by customer needs, dedicated to securing production uptime, being readily available, providing quality service and optimisation to ensure peace of mind.

Highlighting the importance of availability of support, Christersson said Alfa Laval works on the principle ‘Wherever your operations are, our network is there’. It is about having easy access to expert support from responsive people who care about the equipment and process performance, he said, adding the same is true when it comes to parts. Christersson said: “We deliver on the availability of our field service engineers and technical salespeople. We understand your need for a speedy response when it comes to your production and try to respond to all requests within one day.”

To safeguard the quality of operations, Christersson said, only genuine Alfa Laval spare parts are used, which are designed for the client’s equipment and manufactured for safe and reliable performance. Christersson said, “Our quality relates to anything from spare parts, to the quality of our field service engineers, who are not only fully qualified but are part of our global network within Alfa Laval, serving your needs wherever you are.”

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