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‘Innovations in HVAC’ highlights need for greater adoption of disruptive technology

Organised by Belimo, Grundfos, Kingspan and Reflex, event discusses the importance of opting for new solutions in view of energy efficiency, IEQ and climate change

| | Sep 3, 2019 | 6:52 pm
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DUBAI, UAE, 3 September 2019: ‘Innovations in HVAC’, a technical seminar, organised by Belimo, Grundfos, Kingspan and Reflex, on September 3 in Dubai, shone the light on the need for greater adoption of disruptive technology. Held under the theme, ‘Shaping the Future of the HVAC Industry’, the seminar spoke on disruptive technology in the context of global and regional targets related to energy efficiency, water conservation, and fire and life safety. ‘Innovations in HVAC’ also featured live digitalised demo stations and working technological solutions.

Hassan Younes, President, ASHRAE Falcon Chapter and Director and Partner, Griffin Consultants, moderated the event and delivered a keynote presentation on Low-Delta T. Underscoring the importance of the event, which saw manufacturers and suppliers coming together to provide clarity on technical issues related to the built-environment and showcasing new solutions, Younes said. “We try to bring together all the stakeholders and make sure they understand and know about new technologies, and this is a platform for that. As the engineering community, we do sometimes lack insight on what’s happening and the [new] technologies. I have seen a lot of consultants still using really old standards from the 1990s and early 2000s, and things have moved on quickly. I do think this is required, and I hope to see more of these events, be it from different companies, manufacturers or societies.”

Colin Bridges, Business Development Director, Belimo, pointed out that manufacturers and suppliers have a responsibility to communicate the benefits of their solutions, considering they would know it best following the enormous investment on research and development behind such products. “We recognise that when you are a premium manufacturer that is doing things differently, it is your responsibility to explain them,” he said. “We are asking people to do things differently, and we are doing it for a reason, which is to improve and enhance their systems. These benefits require explanation. We are all trying to change behaviours, and to change behaviours is to show the benefits that can be derived from those changes.” Ultimately, he said it’s about changing people’s decision-making processes but doing so in such a way that is within the framework of accurate information.

In a statement issued by the organisers, Paul Barnard, Head of HVAC, Kingspan Middle East, said: “The HVAC industry, particularly the ductwork market, has traditionally been reluctant to change. It is time to embrace new types of materials that help save energy in buildings. This starts by honing of skills and training of HVAC contractors on the new technology, whilst updating specifications and introducing the best performing systems.”

Providing a background on the driving force behind the organisation of the event, Ronak Monga, Segment Development Manager for Building Services, Grundfos Gulf, Levant & Pakistan, said: “The idea was to partner with technology leaders who are pioneering innovation in their own respective way. In an HVAC system, components don’t work alone. They are the sum of many parts that create an overall system. The importance of HVAC systems has been stated again and again, but it is still underrated.” Monga emphasised that it is important to look at the overall system in terms of energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality as well as overall sustainability throughout the lifecycle of the building. These, he said, formed the basis of the agenda of the event, as companies aimed to address basic and main challenges that customers face when executing HVAC systems. “It was our ambition through this event to showcase the technological innovations that we have that will resolve these challenges to overcome issues plaguing HVAC systems,” he said.

Moustapha Fahmy, Regional Sales Director IMEA, Reflex, echoed Monga on the importance of a holistic approach, through the statement: “To maximise operational efficiency, it is critical to consider all HVAC system components. System water, one of the most important components, is usually underestimated. The water quality has an enormous influence on the efficiency of the HVAC systems. Modern control and measurement technology help us guarantee the maximum functionality at minimal energy losses.”

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