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Empower connects its service to Deira Waterfront

Will supply 20,000 TR to project, company says

| | Sep 26, 2019 | 12:22 pm
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Ahmad Bin Shafar

DUBAI, UAE, 26 September 2019: Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has commenced providing District Cooling services to the first phase of Deira Waterfront project, the District Cooling utility company said through a Press release. The District Cooling project is part of the contract between Empower and Ithra Dubai, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the release said.

Empower specified through the release that its project for Deira Waterfront will be executed in two phases using innovative technologies in District Cooling. The first phase includes providing around 20,000 tonnes of refrigeration (TR) to 18 buildings, covering an area of 570,000 square metres, the release said, adding that the second phase includes providing 25,000 TR to 28 buildings, covering a total area of around 910,000 square metres.

Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO, Empower, said: “We are happy to partner with Ithra Dubai in the world’s largest waterfront project and one of Dubai’s leading real estate projects. This reflects the confidence of real estate developers and stakeholders in district cooling services.”

Bin Shafar stressed that Empower has begun a new phase of expanding District Cooling services to Dubai’s largest real estate projects. The number of buildings served by Empower’s District Cooling services has increased by eight per cent from last year, reaching a total of 43 new buildings during the first half of 2019, with a cooling capacity of more than 56,000 TR.

According to the release, Deira Waterfront is one of the prominent real estate projects in the emirate. It reflects the leading development role for Dubai’s sustainable projects, the release said. The project would occupy the last remaining Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai; it is a conglomeration of canals and artificial archipelago, as well as residential and commercial buildings, hotels and other vital facilities that support Dubai as a tourist and commercial destination, the release said.

“Empower has connected its services to major projects in Dubai, including the Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences at Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Arena and the ICD Brookfield Place in DIFC,” Bin Shafar said. “Empower has also begun its experimental operation in the Cityland Mall project in Global Village area.”

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