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Eurovent Middle East provides ESMA with consensual feedback on revised regulation for air conditioners

Association’s Managing Director discusses its progress in the region and the importance of having a representative HVACR body on the ground

| | Aug 28, 2019 | 4:41 pm
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Markus Lattner

DUBAI, UAE, 28 August 2019: Eurovent Middle East has provided Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) with consensual feedback on a revised regulation for air conditioners, highlighting where the industry has concerns and suggesting resolutions to critical points. Markus Lattner, Managing Director, Eurovent Middle East, said: “This saves time and effort from all sides, while ensuring transparency and equal access to the discussions. Likewise, we are giving such inputs on minimum energy performance requirements to several other regulators and encourage regulations in areas where we think it would lead to considerable improvements. We will hopefully see specific results within the next few months.”

Lattner said the inroads the Association has made in the region is a testament to its commitment since it started two and half years ago. “People can see that we are quite active, and we get really positive and encouraging feedback,” he said. “What has been missing before was coordination among the industry. Now, we can provide a platform, where issues which concern all manufacturers can be discussed and approached in a transparent and open way. The exchange of information within our internal meetings is excellent and truly valuable for all our members.”

Lattner said that proximity to local stakeholders and a strong understanding of the region’s specific environmental conditions as well as the details unique to the market underscore the importance of having an association of HVACR manufacturers on the ground. “Every country, every region faces its own issues,” he said. “Only the people in the Middle East really understand their environment and what it takes to be active here. This region is like no other in the world. It surely deserves its own opinion, its own way and its own solutions. Eurovent Middle East is an association for the Middle East, in the Middle East and from the Middle East. While our members are from all around the world, we all share one thing – our expertise and passion in and for the region.”

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