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Engineers must take leadership role in promoting sustainable buildings

Industry expert underscores importance of a holistic approach in meeting overarching environmental and energy-reduction objectives; highlights how sustainability movement is gaining steam in Oman

| | Aug 22, 2019 | 10:24 am
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Dr M Ramaswamy

DUBAI, UAE, 22 August 2019: Engineers have a crucial part to play in promoting sustainable buildings, and they have to get involved in finding a collective way forward, rather than waiting for other groups to take the lead, said Dr M Ramaswamy, Technical Expert – Royal Estates, Royal Court Affairs, Sultanate of Oman.

Dr Ramaswamy emphasised that even implementing simple measures can greatly reduce energy costs, especially when considered at the blueprint stage. “It is essential for engineers to be involved at the early stages of projects, when there is still maximum scope to integrate appropriate solutions at the lowest possible cost,” he said. “Building services engineers, especially, have the opportunity to expand their role to include sustainability advice at the early stages of projects and in the operation and maintenance of buildings.”

Dr Ramaswamy pointed out that the core aim of sustainable design is to bring everybody to the table at the very early stages, to set goals for the project, taking into consideration energy and sustainability benchmarks they are trying to achieve and, finally, to ensure everybody works together towards a common goal.

Dr Ramaswamy shared that in Oman, the term ‘sustainable building’ is becoming popular among consultants, academics, engineers, builders and various institutions. “Many social institutions are actively participating to promote green energy concept among the community in Oman,” he said. “Exhibitions, conferences and road shows are conducted regularly about recycling, energy conservation, environment protection and water conservation to promote the sustainable issue among the people in Oman.” He added that LEED certification is also gaining momentum within the Sultanate, with a number of buildings earning the plaque.

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