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Arabia CSR Awards a comprehensive platform for Arab region entities

Organisers speak of hundreds of organisations vying for the coveted spot of sustainability champions in the region

| | Aug 20, 2019 | 10:33 am
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DUBAI, UAE, 20 August 2019: Saying that the Arabia CSR Awards, established in 2008, is the most prestigious corporate social responsibility-(CSR) and sustainability-related platform in the Arab region,  its organisers revealed that each year, the awards jury committee screens applications from hundreds of entities vying for the coveted spot of sustainability champions in the region. Only those entities that best exhibit strong values and commitment towards sustainability, corporate responsibility, social accountability, stakeholder inclusiveness and other such aspects of business ethics, the organisers said, are awarded and recognised on this globally showcased regional platform.

The Arabia CSR Awards, the organisers said, honours and recognises entities practising in the GCC, Levant and the North African Region that have continuously demonstrated a clear strategy and effective implementation of CSR and sustainability in their business strategies. Over the course of the previous 11 Awards cycles, the organisers said, Arabia CSR Network has received more than 1,200 applications from more than 1,000 organisations from 13 countries in the Arab world. It has also attracted applications from 39 industries and business sectors. This, they said, is a good indication of the value that the Arabia CSR Awards provides to businesses in the region – after all, it is not just the Awards or the accolade but also the application process of self-evaluation and assessment that helps companies understand how they can improve their performance to become more sustainable and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

It is the belief and cornerstone of the Arabia CSR Awards that by practising corporate social responsibility and sustainability best practices, businesses stand to gain significantly from greater levels of sustainability and accountability, more efficient use of resources, better workplace standards and practices, increase in productivity, higher levels of trust and transparency and improved social dialogue, the organisers said.

In its bid to cover and represent as many industries and sectors as possible operating within the Arab region, the organisers said, Arabia CSR Awards has continuously been increasing the categories under which the organisations can apply. The Arabia CSR Awards, the organisers said, has something to offer for every sector, be it a private business, a social entrepreneurship or a government institution. Organisations may be considered in one of the 12 categories according to their profile. The categories for the Arabia CSR Awards 2019 are:

  1. Small-sized enterprises
  2. Medium-sized enterprises
  3. Large-sized enterprises
  4. Public sector organisations/departments
  5. Partnerships and collaborations
  6. Social enterprise
  7. Energy
  8. Financial services
  9. Hospitality
  10. Construction
  11. Healthcare
  12. Best new business

In scrutinising the application of each organisation under all the aforementioned categories, all aspects of the organisation are looked into, the organisers said. These start from the corporate’s vision, mission and values to the strategic approach and policies in place, the organisers said. The level of commitment to CSR displayed by the top management is also considered, the organisers added. Other aspects taken into consideration include the entity’s level of communication with its stakeholders and its performance on environment, economic and social fronts, the organisers further added.

It is crucial to promote organisations that are a source of benefit to their communities and are promoting healthy values and ethics both inside the workplace and outside in the community, the organisers said.

The process of evaluation of each category, the organisers said, considers the business and operational requirements of that sector and the ways an entity from the category can incorporate CSR and sustainability best practices within its overall strategy. These evaluation techniques, the organisers said, are constantly and regularly updated according to the latest industry and global trends. The Awards are developed with the mindset of creating a regional benchmark that is based on international best practices and standards, such as UN Global Compact Principles and GRI Standards and the European EFQM Excellence Model, the organisers said, adding that they are all used in developing the criteria for the Awards. Through a yearlong extensive and rigorous selection process, the organisers said, the Awards separate and recognise leaders that have propagated and promoted innovation, ethical business and sustainability in their community and region. The Awards’ results are externally verified by one of the world’s most reputed providers of business assurance, DNV-GL, the organisers said, adding that this is one of the hallmarks of the Awards and a big reason for its longevity and success.

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