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LG showcases BECON at its Dubai Academy

IoT-based solution can be divided into different zones, company says, adding it uses an integrated approach to operating AC systems

| | Jul 1, 2019 | 4:11 pm
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DUBAI, UAE, 1 July 2019: LG Air Solutions on June 26 organised a visit to the LG Dubai Academy, where it showcased, among other solutions, its smart energy management platform, BECON – a cloud solution and an IoT-based platform in the technology sector. Allen Mathew, Academy Manager, Field Engineer Team, LG Electronics, said: “BECON can be divided into different zones – BECON HVAC and the BECON Cloud.” The BECON system, he said, uses an integrated approach, by which a person can control all the air conditioners at one or many sites from one station. It can check for errors and can operate the air conditioning systems from the console, he added.

Mathew, by way of elaborating on the BECON Cloud, described it as an IoT-based platform capable of real-time remote monitoring, malfunction diagnosis, efficiency management and energy savings. “Especially in summer, when the temperature rises above the 50 degrees C mark, a person using the platform can see any glitch in any air conditioner working at any site, and if there is a problem, he can send a technician to the site immediately,” he added. Stating some of the advantages of using the BECON Cloud, Mathew said that the system is cost effective – it detects minor troubles, prevents serious malfunctioning and even the breakdown of the facility.

In addition, Mathew pointed to the BECON Building Solution, which is a Building Management System (BMS) software-based platform. This platform, too, he said, uses an integrated approach, where the lights, heat and power can all be monitored from a single station.

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