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‘FM providers inherit inefficiencies owing to poor HVAC design, selection and commissioning’

Issue is aggravated by the sheer volume of construction projects across the GCC region, says official, Tafawuq Facility Management

| | Jul 11, 2019 | 12:30 pm
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                        Mohammed Alsharaf

DUBAI, UAE 11 July 2019: The challenge of addressing energy loss, owing to inefficient HVAC systems, often falls on FM operators, who inherit buildings that suffer from improper design, construction and commissioning, said Mohammed Alsharaf, Chief Operations Officer, Eltizam Asset Management Group, who pointed out the issue is aggravated by the sheer volume of construction projects in the UAE and across the GCC region. Alsharaf was speaking based on the challenges that Tafawuq Facility Management, a subsidiary of Eltizam, has faced in projects throughout the region. In addition to poor design, selection and commissioning of HVAC systems, Al Sharaf said that FM operators encounter equipment that have been neglected for long periods of time and systems operating beyond the normal service life, with technology that is either obsolete or malfunctioning. As such, Alsharaf emphasised the importance of investing in quality and specialised FM services.

Alsharaf also highlighted the company’s custom tailored approach in maintaining and operating HVAC systems in residential and commercial developments, be it small air conditioning units, chilled water networks or large-tonnage District Cooling plants. Alsharaf said that Tafawuq develops and implements bespoke strategies, following a comprehensive assessment of the number of buildings involved, the size of the HVAC systems, its usage and the building’s operating hours. The type of equipment installed, previous maintenance records and recent upgrades, if any, are also taken into consideration, he added. Alsharaf said the company also specialises in managing Close Control Units (CCUs) for applications where humidity and climate control is essential, such as in data centres. In such cases, Alsharaf said, the company develops a comprehensive maintenance structure, taking into consideration history, precise operating condition and performance of the unit to ensure reliability. He added that improving indoor air quality through maintenance, following a thorough assessment of the design and installation of HVAC equipment, in view of applicable regulation and standards, is also an integral part of Tafawuq’s FM delivery.

Alsharaf said that in order to continue providing quality and specialised maintenance services, Tafawuq places strong importance on training and knowledge exchange to enhance technical excellence. This, he said, is evident in the company’s recent investment in a 600-square-metre training facility, for its Training Academy, created to develop the technical knowledge of technicians on asset management from energy and sustainability standpoints. Most importantly, Al Sharaf said, Eltizam prides itself in being able to maintain strong ties with its partners, by engaging with developers, consultants and manufacturers to identify concerns when it comes to building performance and effectively address issues related to lifecycle, energy profile and maintenance cost.

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