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‘Successful seizures of counterfeit products owing to strong support of UAE authorities’

Danfoss official highlights the vital role authorities are playing in protecting the IP rights of private companies and in safeguarding the public

| | Jun 13, 2019 | 9:41 am
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Dubai, UAE, 13 June 2019: Danfoss has managed to seize a large number of counterfeit products over the year, said Abier Wasouf, Regional Anti-counterfeit Counsel MEA, Danfoss, who emphasised that the successful raids were the result of the company’s strong investment in a comprehensive brand protection strategy. On behalf of the company, Wasouf expressed gratitude towards UAE enforcement authorities for their support and efficiency in taking action to protect the company’s intellectual property rights and to ensure the safety of the general public. “These raids sent a strong message to the market and increased customers’ trust in the UAE market and the company’s brand value,” she said.

Danfoss representatives present an award of recognition to the Sharjah Economic Development Department

His Excellency Sultan Abdullah Bin Hadh Al Swaidi, President, Sharjah Economic Development Department, affirmed the Department’s commitment to organise continuous and proactive raids to seize counterfeit products, which are conducted by a professional team of inspectors under the Consumer Protection division. The team, he said, is tasked with ensuring business transactions are legally done and with raising awareness of counterfeits among traders and the consumers, which supports Sharjah’s strategy for economic growth. Al Suwaidi expressed gratitude towards Danfoss in view of the long-standing cooperation between the company and the local authorities, adding that the Sharjah Economic Department is eager to implement best practices and is committed to work with stakeholders to promote fair trade.

Wasouf added that the strong relationship between Danfoss and local authorities is a result of the company’s years of investment in awareness, education and training campaigns on the products’ identifications and on the dangers posed by fake engineering and cooling products. Wasouf said that admittedly, this was not an easy task as, often, stakeholders are challenged by technical information associated with such products. To drive awareness, Wasouf said she would meticulously showcase the lengthy process a genuine product undergoes before being taken to market, including the testing, certification and quality standards of the factory. A process, she emphasised, counterfeit products do not undergo and lack the safety and efficiency standard. “It’s about taking action,” she said, “not only on behalf of Danfoss to protect the trademark but also to protect the society.

Danfoss representatives present an award of recognition to the Dubai Police

Wasouf said that during seminars to raise awareness on threat posed by counterfeit products, she offers breaches in cold chain as a prime example to showcase to people how unreliable and inefficient cold chain, owing to fake components, can impact the integrity of life-giving medication that may be making its way to people’s homes.

His Excellency Brigadier Jamal Salem Ali Al-Jalaf, Director General of Criminal Investigation Department, weighed in to say that protecting Danfoss products against counterfeits is directly related to protecting consumers from the danger posed by such products, which could lead to terrible accidents. “Dubai Police confirms full support and continues strict legal actions and procedures against the counterfeiters,” he said.

Danfoss representatives present an award of recognition to the Ajman Economic Development Department

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Naser Al Nouaimi, President, Ajman Economic Development Department, also commended the strong cooperation between Danfoss and Ajman Economic Development Department, which has led to seizures of counterfeit Danfoss products. “These counterfeit products are dangerous and may cause high safety issues and possible horrible accidents,” he said. “We seized these dangerous counterfeit products before they reached consumers.” The Ajman Economic Development Department, he emphasised, is committed to protecting the trademark of Danfoss to ensure UAE provides a safe environment for their investment.

Wasouf said the HVACR sector must work together to fight the threat of counterfeits. She shared that to this end, she has worked with other brands to take action and recommended that other companies should have a dedicated person to protect their brand. “It’s a continuous battle between right holders and the counterfeiters,” she stressed, pointing out that the industry and the authorities should work together to be one step ahead of counterfeiters, who are only becoming more cautious.

Hannah Jo Uy is Assistant Editor at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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