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Smart AE’s core focus is energy optimisation strategies, says CEO

Company’s representative advocates a holistic approach and highlights the importance of operations and maintenance in extending the life of HVAC equipment and minimising long-term costs

| | Jun 18, 2019 | 9:53 am
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Issa Azar

Dubai, UAE, 18 June 2019: Implementation of energy optimisation strategies is the core focus of Smart Automation Energy (AE) as a business organisation, said Issa Azar, CEO, who explained that the company takes on the role of an ESCO rather than that of an energy consultant.

Azar explained that Smart AE has two verticals – one focusing on solar and the other on energy efficiency. “We don’t just cover the consultancy part, where you present an energy audit report or study,” he said. “We mainly go for the energy efficiency retrofit implementation.”

Advocating a holistic approach, Azar said that in any project, the company addresses three main pillars – operation, maintenance and energy. “You cannot look at energy in a silo manner and not look at maintenance and operation,” he said. “Even if I have replaced a chiller and the chiller is more efficient as a piece of equipment, if I don’t operate it the right way, six months down the line it will be less efficient. If I don’t do maintenance, the same thing will happen. We must constantly look at each and every process as one. All three are bundled together to extend the life of the assets, ensure energy cost savings and ensure that OPEX and maintenance do not cost too much.”

Providing a background of the company, Azar said Smart AE, established in Jordan, began as a BMS system integrator, before it evolved into becoming a provider of energy-efficient solutions. “Given our background in BMS and controls, this is one of the areas where we add value to the customer,” he said. “We go to the BMS already installed and optimise the existing systems in place.”

Azar said the company does not only look at inefficient equipment but also supports the facility by optimising the operation of HVAC systems through automation and controls. “If a space is unoccupied, then then the cool air supply can be reduced in that space” he said, by way of giving an example.“This is only done through proper automation and extra platforms that can support and optimise the operation of the facility.”

Sharing recent projects , Azar said that Smart AE has retrofitted 243 buildings under Wasl Properties, in the course of which it addressed HVAC systems, lighting and rooftop solar PV, all of which resulted in significant energy cost savings. Azar said the company also worked on making Standard Chartered Bank in DIFC more energy efficient. “We were able to achieve 20.6% energy savings,” he said. “And in the case of Al Seef Residential Tower, we were able to achieve 33.1% energy savings.”

Speaking on the prospects for the retrofit market in the UAE, Azar said that he foresees growth. “The curve is still not steep enough, and it is still in the early stages, but there is a lot of awareness, with the government pushing tenders,” he said. Azar added that though the majority of the demand is still driven by the public sector, in 2019 the company has observed greater interaction with, and interest from, the private sector, compared to previous years. Azar attributed the positive momentum to efforts by private-sector companies to enhance efficiency in a bid to reduce operating cost as well as to score CSR points through being more climate sensitive and environmentally friendly.


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Hannah Jo Uy is Assistant Editor at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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