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Empower participates in 5th Annual Partners’ Forum in Copenhagen

UNEP meeting for its ‘District Energy in Cities’ initiative sees the CEO of the District Cooling utility participate in talks

| | Jun 17, 2019 | 3:21 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 17 June 2019: Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), participated in the 5th Annual Partners’ Forum, organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for its ‘District Energy in Cities’ initiative. The meeting ran from June 11 to 14 in Copenhagen.

Bin Shafar, a Special Advisor on District Cooling for UNEP, discussed the latest developments in the District Cooling industry and advancements in District Cooling solutions. He participated in a panel discussion along with Robert Thornton, President, International District Energy Association (IDEA), during which he discussed the importance of global communication between countries to promote the transition towards District Cooling technologies, as an alternative to conventional cooling systems. Overall, the meeting discussed the future prospects for energy market in the Middle East region and opportunities for the expansion of District Cooling sector.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Since its the launch, the ‘District Energy in Cities’ initiative has gained wide international acceptance. During the Copenhagen meeting, representatives from Argentina, Colombia and Malaysia reviewed their challenges, needs and motivations to develop District Energy in their respective regions. Empower said it has contributed to supporting the objectives and strategies of the initiative through organising training workshops and deploying its expert team in rapid assessments of some cities for conducting a potential evaluation study for District Energy.

The meeting also saw participation from India, Chile and Serbia and representatives from Italy, Turkey and South Korea. Participants received training on implementing energy projects in their cities, based on the best global standards and practices, as well as basic guidance on how to market District Cooling systems in modern cities.

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