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Strong FM contributes to opex savings, says Repair Plus

Company MD discusses value of FM personnel trained to handle HVACR equipment; discusses best practices that can be implemented to enhance energy efficiency

| | May 4, 2019 | 7:51 pm
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Dubai, UAE 22 April 2019: Investing in high-quality FM services from the onset can lead to significant, long-term opex savings, said Daniel Saison, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Repair Plus, a UAE-based FM provider. Making a case for the value-addition offered by FM companies that put a premium on specialised training, Saison emphasised that skilled FM managers are able to identify and report maintenance issues before they evolve into serious problems, thus preventing unplanned expenses. “In terms of HVACR equipment maintenance, you keep the costs under control by implementing the best industry practices in terms of efficiency, customer experience, and innovation,” he said. “You prevent incurring high costs by ensuring the equipment is fully functioning at their optimum level, with well-trained and professional FM experts observing the set protocols, including safety.”

Daniel Saison

Saison said that high-quality FM services have been proven to extend the lifecycle of facilities and building equipment.  “I would say the growing application of FM in commercial buildings, residential construction projects, infrastructure projects and industrial projects is an indication of rising awareness of building owners and operators about opex savings that they can gain by deploying a range of modern FM solutions,” he added. Saison said that in the UAE, the FM market is steadily expanding owing to the vibrant construction and tourism activities and heavy investments in mega infrastructure projects ahead of Expo 2020 Dubai. Saison said that there is also increasing awareness among stakeholders on how high-quality FM services can contribute to sustainability goals, especially with regard to energy and water conservation.

With regard to energy conservation, Saison said that Repair Plus puts its focus on mitigating consumption of existing air conditioning equipment. “We know for a fact that air conditioning systems are a big part of our lives here in Dubai and take up a huge chunk of our electricity bills,” he said, pointing out that this is what prompted the company to offer Aircosaver as part of its services. The technology, he said, is applicable for most residential and light commercial DX air conditioning systems. “Our Aircosaver reduces energy consumption by matching the off-coil air temperature with the set point on the thermostat, thus preventing overcooling within the room or building,” he said. “It is designed to reduce the amount of time that the compressor is working to ensure that less energy is being used. This ‘green’ technology for air conditioning system ensures up to 20% in power consumption not to mention improved indoor air quality.”

Touching on other best practices that could be implemented to ensure energy efficiency, Saison added that regular checking of HVACR equipment in buildings and properties also helps in reducing costs. “It is best to periodically clean the filters, perform a visual inspection, monitor the thermostat, lubricate the moving parts, and clean air conditioner coils inside and out,” he said. “Doing so will also extend the life of the equipment and enhance efficiency.” Saison added that he believes that greater cooperation between FM providers and HVACR manufacturers is needed. “Manufacturers can transfer their knowledge to FM companies but, unfortunately, not much has been done in this area,” he said. Such a collaboration, Saison emphasised, is especially crucial in view of soaring energy prices and growing efforts towards sustainability, which call for more efficient HVACR units.

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