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Panasonic launches new lineup of R-410a air conditioners in Oman

Company official says models were exclusively developed to comply with country’s new energy-efficiency regulations

| | May 27, 2019 | 6:32 pm
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Deepak Krishnan

Dubai, UAE, 27 May 2019: Panasonic has launched 11 new models of R-410a air conditioners in Oman, as part of the company’s growing efforts at developing energy-efficient and smart products that would contribute to the overall health of the global environment, said Deepak Krishnan, Deputy General Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa. “These air conditioners were exclusively developed for the Omani market to comply with the government’s New Energy Efficiency Regulations,” he said.

Krishnan said that the company views Oman as an attractive market, owing to the rapid expansion and growth of its hospitality, retail, residential, industrial and commercial sectors. “This trend naturally boosts the construction activity in the Sultanate, both commercial and residential projects, therefore driving the demand for innovative air conditioning systems,” he said. “With our R&D focused on developing products that fully address customers’ needs, we intend to further strengthen our market leadership in providing the best air conditioning solutions in the country.”

In addition to Oman’s economic diversification efforts, Krishnan said there is a shift among stakeholders in the construction industry, who are placing a greater emphasis on sustainability and opting for more energy-efficient products. “While there may be some challenges, it is laudable that the government is undertaking initiatives to advance public participation in adopting energy-efficiency technologies,” he said. “One good example is Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER), which is empowering energy auditors to provide advisory services to clients regarding energy efficiency improvements that can be carried out without major CAPEX requirements.”

Krishnan said that Panasonic employs the same strategy of offering energy-efficient products compliant with regulations to other markets in the Middle East. He pointed out that with sustainability as a primary driver in consumer behaviour, there are greater market opportunities for the company’s new line-up of air conditioners in most countries across the GCC region.  “Middle East governments have been focusing on economic diversification with environmentally friendly policies and renewable energy at the core,” he said. “With this ongoing switch towards sustainability and with the public’s ‘green’ consciousness growing, we see expanding prospects for our energy-efficient air conditioners.”

Krishnan said Panasonic remains committed to developing new products while meeting all regional and regulatory requirements and that a key focus of the company is the B2B & B2G sectors which, he said, have a huge business potential in the region.

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