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Hubgrade 4.0 helps monitor utilities consumption, says Enova

The smart monitoring platform can be useful in conducting building analysis, is user-friendly, and helps engineers and analysts to react to operations swiftly, says company’s CEO

| | May 13, 2019 | 3:58 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 13 May 2019: Hubgrade 4.0 is a smart monitoring platform and can be found to be useful in conducting building analysis, is user-friendly, and helps engineers and analysts to react to operations swiftly, said Anne Le Guennec, CEO, Enova, during the launch of an update made to the platform, held on May 2 in Dubai. The platform, she said, helps in gathering and in updating data with the help of sensors, and can be found to be useful in analysing buildings and their utilities consumption.

The Hubgrade 4.0 smart monitoring platform

“The original platform,” she said, “was launched in the year 2014, and at the time, Enova was proud to be the first in the region to have the ability to monitor energy and water consumption.” Initially, she said, Hubgrade was seen as an engineering tool, but as time passed, Enova wanted to release something more user-friendly, which would help engineers and analysts to react to operations, Guennec said. Today, she said, Hubgrade has evolved and is a more user-friendly application. “It gives the client the ability to see where they stand and what is being done,” she said. The update has been appreciated by clients, as they can now request, react, interact with the team of analysts or the teams carrying out the Facilities Management on the ground, she added.

Anne Le Guennec addresses guests and colleagues at the launch of Enova’s smart monitoring platform

As we were building the digital roadmap for Enova, she said, the focus was on differentiating ourselves from the competition, and this was when we started our digital suite. In addition to the smart monitoring platform, Guennec said, an application by Enova helps give clients the opportunity to request a job order. With the help of the application, she said, clients have the ability to view the operation and understand what our engineers are doing. “The application helps the client to see our indicators for the performance, and it brings in a lot of trust with our clients,” she said.

Building applications today, she said, seem to be something very easy to have, and even more because everybody uses a lot of mobile devices, she said. “We work upstream to ensure that we focus on gathering data, and storing and securing it,” she said. Installing more sensors, she said, helps us to try and analyse and ensure that we have the appropriate fit for future installation, so that we can gather the data in an appropriate manner.

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