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Evap cooling is making inroads in KSA: Seeley

Company representative highlights need to inform stakeholders of benefits

| | May 19, 2019 | 10:15 am
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Xavier Delaigue

Dubai, UAE, 19 May 2019: Evaporative cooling has started to make inroads in Saudi Arabia, said Xavier Delaigue, EMEA Sales Director, Seeley International, Europe, Middle East & Africa, who added the company has seen growing interest from stakeholders following the success of Seeley International’s Mina Tent City project. “People are amazed by the level of performance,” he said of the project that uses evaporative cooling to provide thermal comfort to over 1.5 million pilgrims at an affordable cost. “It has really built our brand credibility in Saudi and the region, helped people understand more about Breezeair evaporative cooling and helps us to push for new technology.”

Delaigue added that although Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest markets for cooling in the world, demand is largely confined to traditional air conditioning equipment, and that there is a need to inform the market on the benefits offered by evaporative cooling with regard to energy efficiency, performance and reliability in order to showcase its feasibility for big commercial projects.

Elaborating on parameters of the Mina Tent City project, Delaigue said that in addition to requirements related to cooling performance, a strong emphasis was placed on minimising energy consumption. In Saudi Arabia, he said, there is a big concern surrounding energy efficiency at a high level, in view of efforts to promote sustainability, and at the low level, owing to the rising cost of electricity. The rising costs, he said, have helped drive the market towards energy-efficient equipment. Delaigue added that without such standards, old-fashion and low-efficiency systems would continue to be competitive in the market.

Delaigue said that Seeley International is addressing the requirements of two main markets in Saudi Arabia, the domestic market for residential applications, and the commercial and industrial market. For the domestic market, Delaigue said, the company actively speaks with nationals and expatriates, and that their concerns are often related to energy efficiency, reliability, maintenance and favourable return on investment (ROI), which, he said, Breezeair has proven it can offer. Delaigue said that industrial and commercial projects are on the rise, as more companies are investing in equipment to ensure employee wellbeing and comfort.

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